New Year resolutions 2021

Enjoy simple things in life.

Say good bye to all self annihilating habits.

Live less and love more.

Live for others and forget myself

Make money by spending less.

Save money by reducing expenses.

Buy only what is necessary to survive.

Breathe consciously.

save two lack rupees.

distance myself from negative thoughts.

Accommodate negative people as well to my life.

construct a good spiritual life.

Consider each day as an opportunity to excel myself.

Give people what they don’t expect from us.

Write a novel.

use each moment of my life consciously and carefully.

Moments/The Happy Prince Summary

There stood the statue of the Happy Prince on a tall column in the city. He was gilded all over. He had thin leaves of fine gold. He had two bright sapphires for eyes. A large ruby glowed on his sword
A little swallow came and sat on the statue. He decided to spend the night on it. But as he was going to sleep, a large drop of water fell on him. The swallow was amazed. There was no cloud, yet it rained. The second drop of water made the swallow decide to fly off. The third drop of water made him to look at the statue. It was weeping.
The statue spoke to the swallow. It said that when it was alive it had not known what tears were. His courtiers called him a Happy Prince. Now he sat very high. He saw the miseries of the city.
The Happy Prince told the swallow that there lived a woman far away. She was a seam¬stress. She was embroidering flowers on the satin gown of the Queen’s maid of honour. The maid was to wear it at the next Court ball. In the bed, there lay ill her little boy. He was suffering from fever. The Happy Prince asked the swallow to pick the ruby from his sword hilt. He should give that to the woman.
First the swallow said that his friends had gone to Egypt. He was waited for in Egypt. But the happy Prince requested him to stay one night. The swallow agreed. He picked up the ruby and flew to the woman’s house. He put the ruby near the woman’s thimble. He also fanned the boy’s forehead. The boy felt a bit better. He sank into a deep slumber.
The swallow flew back to the Happy Prince. He felt warmer though it was cold. The Happy Prince told him that it was because he had done a good act. The swallow wanted to fly to Egypt. But the Happy Prince told him to stay there one more night. He told the swallow that he saw a playwright in a little room. He was trying to finish a play for the Director of the Theatre. But he was too cold to write. He was hungry also. He asked the swallow to pluck one sapphire from his eye and give that to the playwright.
The playwright saw the sapphire. He was happy. Now he hoped to finish the play. The swallow went to the Happy Prince. He told him that he had come to bid him goodbye. But the Happy Prince asked him to stay one more night.
The Happy Prince told the swallow that there was a little match girl in the square below. All her matches had fallen in the gutter. Her father would beat her if she didn’t bring home some money. She was crying. He asked the swallow to pluck out the sapphire from his other eye and give that to her. The swallow flew with the sapphire. He put the sapphire into the little girl’s hand.
The swallow flew back to the Happy Prince. He told the Prince that he would stay with him as he had gone blind. The Happy Prince asked him to fly over the city and tell him what he saw. He also told the swallow that the most marvellous thing was human suffering. And human misery was the greatest mystery.
The swallow flew over the city. He saw hungry children. He also saw many poor people. The Happy Prince asked him to take leaf after leaf of the fine gold over his body and give to them. The poor now laughed and the children played

Winter sets in
Then there came the snow and then frost. Everything looked white. The poor little swallow grew colder and colder. But he didn’t leave the Happy Prince. However, he could no longer keep himself alive. He at last knew that he was going to die. The swallow asked the Prince to let him kiss his hand. The Prince told him that he was happy he was going to Egypt. So he told him to kiss him on the lips. But the swallow told him that he was not going to Egypt. He was going to the house of Death. And he fell down dead.
At that moment there appeared a crack in-side the statue. The heart of the Happy Prince broke into two. The dead swallow lay at its feet. The next morning the Mayor and the Town Councillors came that way. They looked at the statue. They declared that the Happy Prince was no longer beautiful. So he was no longer useful. Then they melted the statue in a furnace. But the broken heart didn’t melt. It was thrown away.
God asked one of His Angels to bring Him the two most precious things in the city. The Angel brought Him the leaden heart of the Happy Prince and the dead bird. God told that in the garden of Paradise the little bird would sing forever. The Happy Prince would praise Him forever in His city of gold.

Questions and answers

1. Why do the courtiers call the prince ‘the Happy Prince’? Is he really happy? What does he see all around him?


The courtiers called the prince ‘the Happy Prince’ because he was always happy. He did not know what tears were as he lived in a palace where sorrow was not allowed to enter.

No, he is not really happy. After death when he was made into a statue, tears flowed down his eyes on seeing the ugliness and the miseries of his city.

2. Why does the Happy Prince send a ruby for the seamstress? What does the swallow do in the seamstress’ house?

Answer:The Happy Prince sent a ruby for the seamstress because she was very poor and could not feed her child who was suffering from fever. He was asking for oranges but his mother had nothing to give him.

The Happy Prince saw the poor lady and her son. He felt pity for them. So, he asked the swallow to pick out the ruby from the sword and give it to the seamstress. The swallow with ruby in his beak went to the seamstress’s house. When he reached there, she had fallen asleep. So, the swallow kept the ruby on the table where she worked. He then flew round the bed fanning the boy’s forehead with his wings. This made the boy feel relaxed and he went to sleep.

3. For whom does the prince send the sapphires and why?

Answer:The Happy Prince sent the sapphires for two people. First he sent a sapphire for a young writer who was trying to finish a play for the Director of the Theatre, but he was too cold to write anymore. There was no fire in the grate and hunger had made him faint. Prince sent him a sapphire so that he could arrange money by selling it and buy firewood, and finish his play in time.

The prince sent his second sapphire to a poor match girl. She was standing in the square just below him. Her matches had fallen into the gutter. The prince knew that her father would beat her if she did not bring home some money. So, the prince gave her the second sapphire, seeing which she became very happy and ran home smiling all the way.

4. What does the swallow see when it flies over the city?

Answer:When the swallow flew over the city he saw different types of people. He saw the rich making merry in their beautiful houses, while the beggars were sitting at the gates.  When he flew into the dark lanes he saw the white faces of starving children looking out listlessly at the black streets. Under the archway of a bridge, he saw two little boys lying in each other’s arms trying to keep themselves warm in the rain. They were extremely hungry and had no shelter but the watchman shouted at them and ordered them to vacate the archway.

5. Why did the swallow not leave the prince and go to Egypt?

Answer:Since the prince had given away the two sapphires of his eyes to the people in need, he had become blind. Touched by his kindness and to give him support, the swallow decided to stay with the prince always. He left the idea of going to Egypt and decided to serve the Prince.

6. What are the precious things mentioned in the story? Why are they precious? 

Answer:The precious things mentioned in the story are the leaden heart of the happy prince and the dead bird. They are both precious because they were kind and selfless. The prince was very sad to see the ugliness and miseries of his city. He gave away all his precious stones and gold to make his people happy.

The little swallow was precious because he sacrificed his trips to Egypt and showed kindness by carrying the Prince’s messages to the poor. He decided to stay back for the Prince when he was blind, though he knew that he would face difficulties in winter. Finally when he could no longer bear the cold he died and fell down at the Prince’s feet. The prince loved him so much that his leaden heart broke into two.

When God asked one of the angels to bring him the two most precious things in the city, the angel brought him the leaden heart and the dead bird. God appreciates the angel’s decision and said that the little bird would forever sing in his garden of Paradise and the Happy Prince would praise him in his city of gold.

Moments/In The Kingdom of Fools

The kingdom of fools
In the kingdom of fools the king and the minister were idiots. They ordered all things to be reversed. They decided to change night into day and day into night. They ordered people to do day’s work in night and sleep in the day. Anyone not obeying was to be punished with death. So people out of fear did ’ as they were asked to do. This delighted the king and the minister.

A guru and disciple see the city
Once a guru aiyd his disciple arrived in the city. They found everyone asleep during the r day. No activity was observed. It amazed them. They wandered till evening. Then the people woke up. They started doing their nightly businesses. Now the two were hungry. They bought some food items. The price of everything was same, a single duddu. This surprised and delighted them. The guru realized that it was really a kingdom of fools.

Guru leaves the city but disciple remains behind
The guru decided to leave the city of fools. He asked his disciple also to leave the place. But the disciple didn’t want to do so for cheap food. The guru advised the disciple that nothing could be predicted of fools. But the disciple didn’t care. He remained behind. Time passed on. The disciple ate to his fill. As a result he became very fat.

A thief breaks into a rich merchant’s house
One day a thief broke into a rich merchant’s house. He was taking out the stolen things. Just then the wall of the old house fell on his head. He was killed instantly. The brother of the thief complained to the king about his death. He blamed the owner of the house for his brother’s death.

The owner is summoned
The king heard the accused. He accused him of killing the thief. But the owner said that he was innocent. He said that the person who built the wall was responsible. He didn’t make the good wall. The king decided to summon the bricklayer.

The king summons the bricklayer
The king asked the bricklayer if he had built the wall. He accused him of killing the thief. Before the king could order his death, the bricklayer pleaded innocence. He told the king that he could not concentrate while building the wall. A dancing girl moved in the street. So she was responsible for it.

The dancing girl is summoned
The king charged the dancing girl of killing the thief. The dancing girl said that the goldsmith was responsible for it. She had given some gold to him. He had to make some jewellery for her. He was lazy. He did not make the jewellery early. So she had to walk up and down the street. So it was the goldsmith’s fault.

The goldsmith and his plea
The king now ordered to summon the goldsmith. The goldsmith replied that there was a wedding in the rich man’s house. He had to make jewellery for him. So he could not finish the jewellery of the dancing girl in time.

The rich man is summoned before the king
The king declared the rich man to be the murderer. He was also the owner of that house. But he said that his father had ordered the jewellery. The king consulted his minister. He decided that the owner be punished in his father’s place. The king asked for a new stake to be made ready for the owner to die. But the owner was very thin. He could not be executed. The king was worried about it. Then he ordered to search a man who was fit for the stake. He should be executed.

The disciple is in trouble
The disciple was found fit for the stake. He was brought to the place of execution. The disciple now remembered his wise guru’s words. He prayed to his guru. The guru had magic powers to see the past and the future. He saw everything. He arrived at once to save his disciple. He told his disciple something in a low voice. The disciple understood this.

The guru’s trick to save his disciple
The guru and the disciple now started fighting. The guru wanted to die first. The king asked the guru why he wanted to die. The guru told the king in his ears that their city was unique. This was the stake of god of justice. The stake was new. It was never used earlier on crimirfals. Whoever died on it first, would be born a king. Whoever died next, would be born as a minister.

The king decides to die
The king thought over the whole case. He didn’t want to lose the kingdom even in his next birth also. So he talked to his minister. The king said that they would go on stake themselves. Thus they would be reborn as king and minister again. The king and minister went secretly to the prison. They released the guru and the disciple. They put themselves in their places. So they were taken to the stake and executed.

The guru and disciple become the king and the minister

The dead bodies of the king and the minister were taken down. The people mourned their deaths. They discussed the future of the kingdom. Suddenly some people thought of the guru and the disciple. They’ were secretly leaving the city. People saw them. They requested them to be their new king and the minister. But they put one condition. It was to change all the old laws. So they changed the laws

Moments/Iswaran the Storyteller Summary

Mahendra’s job
Mahendra was a junior supervisor in a firm. The firm offered on hire supervisors at construction sites, factories, bridges, dams, etc. Mahendra’s job was to keep an eye on the activities at the work site. He had to go from one place to another. He was a bachelor. He could adjust himself to all conditions.

Iswaran, Mahendra’s amazing cook
Mahendra had a cook named Iswaran. Iswaran had an amazing capacity. He could produce vegetables and cooking things from nowhere. He would conjure up the most delicious dishes made with fresh vegetables within an hour or so. Mahenflra would go to work early in the morning with some food.

Iswaran’s job
After Mahendra’s departure, Iswaran would make up the shed. He washed the clothes. He would take a bath praying. He used to read a Tamil thriller to doze off after lunch. He had a strange method of narrating stories. His stories had the effect of the thriller.

How Iswaran concludes the story
The elephant grunted and stamped its feet. The people were hypnotised. Then Iswaran struck the elephant’s toenail. It shivered from head to foot and fell down. A veterinary doctor was called. After two days the tusker was taken by the mahout. Iswaran was asked how he did that. He told that he did so with a Japanese art, karate or ju-jitsu etc.

Iswaran’s other story of a ghost
One day Iswaran told Mahendra something about the place. That factory area was once a burial ground. He himself once came across a human skull lying on the path. He also saw ghosts at night. He was not frightened as he was brave. But there appeared a horrible ghost of a woman. It had matted hair and dried-up face. It was ugly. It held a foetus in its arms.

Mahendra’s reaction
Hearing Iswaran, Mahendra shivered. He called Iswaran crazy. He told him that there were no ghosts. These were the product of the mind. He asked Iswaran to get himself medically examined. Mahendra then retired for the night.

Mahendra was affected
From that time Mahendra had unease every night. Every night he peered into the darkness to see if there was any movement. He always liked to admire the sky on full-moon nights. But after Iswaran’s story he avoided looking out of the window.

Mahendra sees a ghost
One night Mahendra was awakened up from his sleep by a moan. It was near his window. He resisted to look out. But the wailing became louder. He looked out. He saw a dark cloudy form. It was clutching a bundle. He perspired and panted. Later, he thought that it might h&ve been some trick from his sub-conscious mind.

Mahendra decides to leave the place
Next morning, Mahendra was ready to go to office. The horror of the night had faded. But Iswaran came to him. He told him about the ghost. He told Mahendra that he also heard the moan the previous night. He saw him (Mahendra) see the ghost himself. A chill went down Mahendra’s body. He went to office the next morning. He handed in his papers. He had determined to leave the haunted place the very next day

Moments/The Adventure of Toto

Toto monkey is bought.

The narrator’s Grandfather bought a monkey from a tonga-driver. He cost him Rs. five. It was Toto. Grandfather bought him to keep in his private zoo.

Toto is finally accepted in the house
Finally, Toto was accepted in the house. Grandfather gave Toto a comfortable place in the stable. There Toto got Nana, the family female donkey, as a companion. But Toto continued teasing her. They could never become friends.

Toto at mischief again
In winter Grandfather gave Toto a large bowl of warm water. It was for him to bathe in. Toto would sit inside the bowl. Then he would apply soap on his body and rub all over. When the water became cold, he would come out of it. Then he would run to the kitchen fire. There he would warm himself. If anyone laughed at him, he would refuse to bathe.

Toto nearly boiled himself alive
Once Toto nearly boiled himself alive. There was a large kitchen kettle left on the fire. It was to boil for tea. Toto decided to remove the lid. He found the water warm to bathe. He got in. Just then the water began to boil. Toto raised himself a little. But he sat down again. He continued jumping up. Grandmother came t

Toto’s mischiefs continue
Toto always made mischiefs. He tore things to pieces. He tore up the dresses of the aunt of the narrator. One day, the narrator found Toto eating rice on the dining table. Grandmother screamed. Toto threw a plate at her. One of the narrator’s aunts rushed forward. Toto threw a glass of water at her face. When Grandfather came, Toto ran out with the dish of pullao in his hand. He ran up to the branches of the jackfruit tree. He threw the dish at Grandmother when she screamed at him.

Toto is sold back to his original owner
Toto caused much loss to the family. Dishes were broken. Clothes, curtains, wall papers were torn. The family couldn’t bear this. So Grandfather sold Toto back to the tonga-driver for only three rupees.

Moments/The lost child summary grade 9

The Lost Child Summary In English

The child goes to the fair
It was the spring fair. All the people were going to it. Some walked. Some rode on horses, some in bullock carts. The little child ran with his parents. He was overjoyed. When he remained behind, his father asked him to come. He remained behind to see the toys in the shops. The little boy wanted the toy. But his parents couldn’t buy it. So they asked him to look at other things.

Other things attract the child
It was the season of mustard flowering. The fields looked gold with it. The dragon-flies were fluttering over the mustard flowers. The child tried to catch one of them. But he was called by his mother. He ran gaily towards his parents. He heard the dove cooing. He had picked up the petals in the grove then. He also ran round the banyan tree. But again he was called by his parentsotes-class-

The child with parents reaches the fair
Soon the child reached the fair. He heard a sweetmeat seller calling ‘gulab-jamun, rasogulla, burfi, jalebi’. The sweet shop was greatly decorated with different sweets. Seeing the sweets, the child’s mouth watered. He said, ‘I want that burfi’. ‘Burfi’ was his favourite sweet. But his saying so was unheeded.

Various scenes of the fair
The child went ahead with his parents. He heard a flower-seller saying ‘A garland of gulmohur’. The child went to the flower basket. He wanted a garland. But he knew his parents would refuse to buy him that. So he moved on. Then he saw a balloon seller. He had balloons of various colours. The child knew his parents would not buy him a balloon. So he walked on farther.

Vaccine for Covid 19

Today is the first birthday of Covid 19 which was identified as born in Wuhan, China. This is the first anniversary of this ongoing pandemic. This pandemic has changed the whole world. Perhaps the history will be divided as BC (Before Covid)and AC (After Covid). It has drastically changed the way the world functions.

However, there are vaccines now with a high effectiveness rate. The first one was Sputnic 2, a Russian Vaccine which seem to be very effective. Remember, it was Russian which sent first man and satellite to space. Now there is a news from US about another vaccine. The Oxford vaccine is also in the process.

This too will pass. It skillfully manifested the vulnerability of human kind. How such a small virus penetrated and changed the lives of billions of people?

Decisions that are bound to fail

In my life, again and again, on every morning and after every small wrong doing, I came up with some decisions which lasted only for a few days. They were short lived. I have been reflecting on this for several years. Does it happen to everyone? What about those new year resolutions? What happens to those birthday resolutions? Are they also a phenomenon for a couple of days? How to lead a life of my own choices. Do they fail because they are attempts to live up to the expectations of the society? Or is it a lack of strong will? I really don’t know. Trying to put it systematically, should I break into short term goals. Anyway, this is a battle with one’s own self.

The criteria to judge them is the expectations of others. In my case, it leads to remorse. I plunge into self-pity. The main problem here is that others notice it. I can’t skillfully hide them. They are exposed as my folly. A lack of character and a sense of vulnerability is looming.

10 Choices and changes

Life is not static. It is dynamic. It has ups and downs. Its path is is sometimes linear. It flips here and there. It suddenly slips through one’s hand when someone feels that everything is under control. It is an age old mystery yet to be revealed. It is partially unfolded historically.

Here are the ten choices and changes one can make for a happy life.

1. Live and work for others.

2. Never do anything that gives you only temporary pleasure than basic needs like food.

3.Spend each moment consciously. Breathe with alertness.

4. Be simple, humble and modest in everything.

5.Speak only what is relevant and useful.

6.Be kind to your own body.

7.Spend less, earn more and invest prudently.

8.Help the needy unconditionally.

9. Learn something new everyday.

10. Do not forget to read and write daily.

If we are successful in implementing these 10 Choices and changes we can be more happy, contented and peaceful.

Happy birthday to my life

If you call it a life on this momentary planet,

My wife is my life with thousand lessons.

She is a friend, teacher, mentor and lover,

She plans everything to make me a winner

She cries when l lose focus

She laughs only when l truimph

My corpus is more built by her than mine

I am jealous only about her beauty and undivided concern for me,

Who doesn’t remember her birthdays

But l know that greatest day is when she is born as she gave me life

And the only life forever.

I have only one resolution

And only solution to ease my despite
To love her unconditionally and forever

May God almighty give her life to defeat time and space.

I am contented and happy’ with that.

The paradox of clean India- within and without

I visited a few houses in Haryana where I relocated recently. The public roads and streets are very dirty. There are human waste, dung of animals, street dogs and beggars fighting for food everywhere. People eat from the road side food stalls. I thought I made a great mistake in coming here. To a certain extent you wouldn’t find that in my native state-Kerala.

When I visited the houses, I was surprised to see that the inner part of the houses are extremely clean. They are well furnished. Everything  inside the house is well-organized and neatly arranged. The I started thinking about the double standard, hypocritical nature of Indians.

Why are we Indian make the public places dirty? The reason may the lack of social feeling of belongingness. The people feel that the responsibility of taking care of public places is with the government.There is no public responsibility and accountability. People defecate on railway tracks. They urinate on waysides, footpaths and parks. They start spitting and farting the moment they step into the roads. The reason may the geographical mass of the country or may the the mamoth size of its population.

Service to God to service to humanity

Service is a most beautiful aspect of life; if it is done with love, it enhances the value of life.

A good and well-to-do youth came to a guru and told him that he wanted to do some social service for the upliftment of the needy and poor people. The guru asked him, “Do you have the necessary qualities for undertaking such service?” The youth replied that he did not know about the qualities. Then the guru told him about the qualities, which were as follows.
— Firstly, one should have sufficient tolerance, as social service requires hard work.
— Secondly, absence of pride, one should be simple and humble.
— Thirdly, self-control i.e. control over senses and mind is another essential requirement.
— Fourthly, capacity to take others with you, as one person  alone cannot do much.
The youth had none of these. So the guru told him first to acquire these qualities and then come back to him.
Make my teaching your treasure and joy, and you will be well instructed.
(Wisdom 6:11)

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So how can you earn with MobileXpression?

You earn credits for your participation that can be redeemed for gift cards.

Another simple, and most importantly, passive way to earn money browsing on your phone.

Smart Panel

Ok, this is yet another easy way to earn money passively by browsing.

Smart Panel is backed by Verto Analytics and has been quite popular for earning extra cash without doing almost anything. How does this work? You need to download the app onto your mobile, and it records your data.

The data is anonymous, and it helps brands to improve their products for consumers.

First of all, there is a $5 FREE bonus for signing up, and from there on, as long you keep the app on your phone, you get paid every month ($5). There is also a loyalty bonus for keeping the app.

Pretty passive income!

Nielsen Digital Voice

With Nielsen Digital, you just need to sign up on its website, download the app, and keep browsing as you usually do. There is no doubt about the authenticity of the company as it is backed by Nielsen.

You keep entering into draws once you register and you stand a chance to win prizes every month.

Don’t believe me? It pays $10,000 to over 400 users every month. That should say it all.

Media Insider Panel

If you want to earn money passively, then Media Insider Panel is a good option. Simply sign up and install the app onto an eligible device. It records the data like other apps to improve the browsing experience of different sites.

There are two ways to get paid: sweepstakes or perk points. With perk points, you will get $1.25 worth of perk points with each device that’s active and running. You can have up to three devices with Media Insider Panel installed. The longer you are active, the more points you receive.

You can redeem your points for cash or e-certificates.

Cross Media Panel

This panel works similarly to the above panels. You just need to install the plugin, and it records the data it needs to improve the products and services. The data shared is totally anonymous.

You can earn $1 per device every week after you install the plugin, and you can use up to three devices. You can use a laptop, tablet, and smartphone for this panel.You can redeem your payout for e-gift cards and more.

Search Engine Evaluator

There is another completely nontechie way to earn good part-time income working from home filtering search engine results, which is pretty much browsing the web.

As a search engine evaluator, you will be working to rate and filter the search engine results of Google or Bing and match the user intent with the results.

You will have to follow a set of guidelines to do this job, and there are five major companies that hire for this position. The pay differs depending on the country you work in and the company. If this is something you are interested in, learn more about how to be a search engine evaluator.

Even with so much research, I am surprised sometimes that there are so many options to earn money on the side. It might be just watching videos or browsing the internet; these are things we do each and every day. And to earn a little cash while doing these things seems like a great thing to me.

Well, you are going to be hooked to your laptop searching for recipes, reading articles, or browsing for that new movie, right?!

Why not earn some money while you are at it?


  • Online teaching
  • Online market trading
  • start a blog or website
  • Review websites and apps for cash
  • Become a delivery driver or rider
  • write a book
  • write an e book
  • Affiliate marketing
  • mobile phone recycling
  • Be a broker or commission agent
  • Conduct events
  • Cash back on shopping
  • Claim the tax back
  • Do part time job
  • Book reviews
  • Content writing for websites
  • Social media
  • Start a Youtube channel
  • Sell your notes
  • Online games
  • Competitions
  • Buy and sell domain names
  • Sell your old things
  • Sell your photoes
  • start a play school
  • Write article for money
  • become a virtual assistant

An ode to birthday

It is said ‘history is his story’

Yet birthday is yet another blank page

of an “80 page blank note book”, a tabula rasa,

those pages cuddled together,

past ones-some in colours and others in dementia.

The future pages, wary of time and mercy of fate,

will be more colourful with memories, detachment,

Nirvana, the enlightened one

with fragile body but strong mind.

The birthdays are either odd or even pages.

The first page and the last page of this notebook

are written by others leaving a chance of scripting only

on 78 unique pages although the pandemics like corona

might tear a few pages off,

or the modern medicine might add  30 more pages.

Each page of this book has 365 lines,

the script writer is free to make them melancholic,

jovial, happy, sad, frustrated, pensive, hopeful, resentful,

grateful, arrogant, proud, meek, mild, humble and memorable.

The birthday is a reminder,

of where you started this terrestrial journey

and where are you heading to.

The story of fear

Mumbai man was asked to lock down his one and only fragile door,

and occasionally to clap hands,  to light lamps, to drink cow’s urine,

at times to savour a cow dung facial and dinner to suffice,

and to travel back either in dharmik and expensive coronized trains,

or on foot in rows of hundreds or millions

or in bicycle or on animal carts,

perhaps to cover only 2999 kilo meters.

The democratic and secular king expressed his heart

with wit and valour during a historical ‘man ki bath’,

The packages of billions ballooned;

and those obesse business tycoons

concealed an adulterous grin,

to assume the live Facebook role of philathrothopists

distributing rice, sugar,

to last only for a week.

Later this verbose was taken up

by the Adam Smith of India.

The four lines of national highways drank sweat,

ate mutated flesh

of the human feet of toddlers to Pantaloons.

The helicopters showered flowers of matrydom,

politocracy, hypocrisy and propagandist bandwagon,

On health care hubs, nevertheless

Unnoticed by Florence Nightingale and Hippocrates.

The panicked people of this blue planet,

the uninvited guest, the tiny RNA,

baptized it solemnly and named it-

a rare Sinophobic pandemic.

The borders of the First world Countries,

then The Second World,

and finally The Third World

retired to their pseudo cells of fool’s paradise.

The virus took after Bandi Chor, Hitler,Robinhood,

made its presence even in Amazon tribes and Arabian deserts

sparing the only existing empire- North Korea.

The Bollywood tweeted for the pregnant elephant of Malappuram,

having known nothing about mavelous Palakkad,

Tweeting rarely when thousands of pregnant women,

fainted, exhausted and died on the mainland of Bharat,

as it is commonly common in this ancient Sindhu and Harappa Valley.

The quarantined family  played ludo, rummy

and cookery shows attracting traffic,

to get thickly populated in the global media.

This is a Democlis sword and chakravyug,

The savior is not the pope, khalif, or Baba

but Christiaan Barnard and Kadambini Ganguli.

The solace is not found in pubs or parks but in your living and dining room.

It is never late…

When you decide to begin anew now

it is never late.

As you dare yourself to remove

the stains of the past today

it is never late.

When you start valuing what you have right now

it is never late.

Be oblivious of where you were yesterday

it is never late.

How you lost them, things and doors make no sense now,

its is never late.

Where you are heading to can be decided by you today,

it is never late.

Decide and determine to practice patience and prudence,

it is never late.

As all your pursuits, follies, blunders, inaccuracies, missed wins,

would be insignificant now,

it is never late.

Why don’t you realize now the power of ‘now’,

this now, it is never late.

Who gave you life, body, mind, soul, time, space, spouse,

will open a new chapter now for you,

it is never late.

This now is new which is a virgin

it is never ever late to start and explore.

Make immaculate and impeccable moves now,

it is never late.

Start breathing, knowing, and fulfilling,

it is never late now.

Stop remorse,

it is never late.

Go within and navigate yourself,

where wired dreams are populated every now and then,

it is never late.

Love humans too as you love elephants,

cows, buffaloes, monkeys and sharks,

remember it is never late.