I Will Love You Forever…

You worked your charm the first time we met,
Your face is something I could never forget.
I’m so glad that you finally love me too,
Without you I would find myself so blue.
I love you my dearest and I always will,
My babe you are the very reason I live.
You give me comfort, you give me love,
Your heart is so pure, so pure like a dove.

The paradox of clean India- within and without

I visited a few houses in Haryana where I relocated recently. The public roads and streets are very dirty. There are human waste, dung of animals, street dogs and beggars fighting for food everywhere. People eat from the road side food stalls. I thought I made a great mistake in coming here. To a certain extent you wouldn’t find that in my native state-Kerala.

When I visited the houses, I was surprised to see that the inner part of the houses are extremely clean. They are well furnished. Everything  inside the house is well-organized and neatly arranged. The I started thinking about the double standard, hypocritical nature of Indians.

Why are we Indian make the public places dirty? The reason may the lack of social feeling of belongingness. The people feel that the responsibility of taking care of public places is with the government.There is no public responsibility and accountability. People defecate on railway tracks. They urinate on waysides, footpaths and parks. They start spitting and farting the moment they step into the roads. The reason may the geographical mass of the country or may the the mamoth size of its population.

Service to God to service to humanity

Service is a most beautiful aspect of life; if it is done with love, it enhances the value of life.

A good and well-to-do youth came to a guru and told him that he wanted to do some social service for the upliftment of the needy and poor people. The guru asked him, “Do you have the necessary qualities for undertaking such service?” The youth replied that he did not know about the qualities. Then the guru told him about the qualities, which were as follows.
— Firstly, one should have sufficient tolerance, as social service requires hard work.
— Secondly, absence of pride, one should be simple and humble.
— Thirdly, self-control i.e. control over senses and mind is another essential requirement.
— Fourthly, capacity to take others with you, as one person  alone cannot do much.
The youth had none of these. So the guru told him first to acquire these qualities and then come back to him.
Make my teaching your treasure and joy, and you will be well instructed.
(Wisdom 6:11)

Online and offline ways of making money

Online survey

There are many websites that pay for doing surveys.


Survey Junkie.
Opinion Outpost.
Toluna. U
VIP Voice.
Global Test Market.


Keep your profile updated.  The more updated your profile is, the greater your chances will be in receiving more online survey opportunities.   It is also advisable that you update your profile each time your situation changes.
Read each question carefully before answering.  All surveys have qualifying questions and quality questions to ensure you are answering honestly and thoughtfully. It’s important because you are representing other people like you so that our clients can deliver products and services that are desired.
Take your time when participating in online surveys.  Each online survey has a designated time frame that is thought to be adequate for completing the survey successfully. It is important that you take your time to finish the study according to its designated length.
Take online surveys one at a time.  Complete one survey before attempting to take another. Having more than one survey open at one time can cause the survey to become unavailable and then you’re not able to complete it.
Allow yourself time to complete a survey in one go.  All online surveys are only open for a limited amount of time, once the required number of interviews are reached then the survey is no longer available even if you were half way through.  We always advise our members’ to complete it from start to finish to guarantee participation.  Keep note of the following as well:-

  • A short survey is better than a long one.
  • Questions must be easy to understand and answer.
  • Group questions according to topic.
  • Place sensitive questions at the end.
  • Avoid irrelevant questions.
  • Reassure your respondents that their data is secure.
  • Spend time on your design
  • Include images and video.

No risk match betting


Odds monkey

Profit accumulator

Profit maximizer

Profit Squad

Matched Bets

Betway: Biggest welcome offer.

10CRIC: Allows ONLY Indian players.

ComeOn: Great overall gambling site.

Bet365: World renowned betting brand.

Dafabet: Open to exchange betting.

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LeoVegas: Amazing mobile product.

22Bet: Big selection of cricket bets.


Use Smarkets betting exchange

Get expert matched betting help 

Double check everything

Pick markets with similar odds

Use multiple bookies

Mug bet regularly

Don’t turn to gambling

Start with sign up offers

Stay persistent


Searching the web


As a Wonder researcher, you will be researching things all over the internet and digging out the right answers to the questions asked. This is how it works: you select your question, gather all the data and information about it, and post the answers back on Wonder.

The “Research Assistants”, as they are called, are required to work really hard to find relevant answers that are backed by legitimate sources.

You can apply for the role on the website and fill out your application with basic information. You also need to take a test that is similar to the kind of work you receive after getting hired.

Once you get hired, you need to follow a set of guidelines, and there is a lot of support to help you understand the job. The pay is around $8 to $20 per hour depending on the kind of answers you provide. If you are really through with your research skills, then apply to be a Wonder researcher.


What is the most trusted get-paid-to (GPT) site around? Swagbucks. I have proof for this. It has a Trustpilot score of 8.6, it gives out over 7,000 gift cards every day, and it has paid over $271 million in cash back and gift cards till now.

That says a lot about this amazing website. But that’s not all. Of all the ways you earn extra income with Swagbucks, searching the web is the most passive way. Just by downloading the Swagbucks app to your browser and doing your normal searches every day, you keep adding up “SBs”.

Another perk of using this browser extension is you get notified of any cash back or bonus SBs when you shop online.

If you are going to do your usual web searching, then you better do it with Swagbucks because it is giving you a $5 bonus to sign up!


Qmee is a browser extension that rewards you to use your computer every day.

So how does it work? You have to sign up with your email address, download the browser extension, and start doing your online search as you normally would.

Occasionally, a left sidebar comes up with ads, and when you click on the ads, you get paid around 4–6 cents for viewing the ad.

I know it does not sound like much, but because this is something you do every day, you can earn some extra cash to click the ads here and there.

Your earnings with Qmee depend on how many searches you do every day.


This is pretty similar to Swagbucks as it is a GPT site, and Zoombucks offers a lot of ways where you can earn money on the side. One of the ways is by searching the web.

This site gives you “Zoombucks” to do your usual searches every day through its interface. Though both Zoombucks and Swagbucks operate very similarly, how much you earn with search depends on your frequency of searching for both.

This website also has some other ways to earn like surveys, watching videos, cash back, etc.

It is also open to audiences from all over the world like Swagbucks is.


Another website that gives you extra money to search is CashCrate. You don’t have to install any toolbars or download any apps; just do your daily search through its website and the points add up.

You can earn $0.01 per search up to 10 times per day. It might seem low, but consider how many searches you do every day and how using a platform like this would make those searches paying ones.

CashCrate sends you a check once you accrue a minimum of $20 in your account.


This is the second most popular GPT site after Swagbucks, that has millions of members in the US and the UK. It has given out millions in gift cards and cash over the years, and one of its biggest earning features is searching the web.

Like other GPT sites, you can do your normal search and earn around one cent (for around four searches). The key to earning more with this is search only using its website.

Apart from searching, it has many ways to put extra cash in your pocket like doing some offers, watching TV, playing games, doing surveys, referring friends, etc. Sounds fun, right?!


Another addition to the GPT sites that pay extra bucks to do searches on the internet. With FusionCash, you need to download its toolbar and do your normal searches.

Though the pay is lower (one cent for four searches), it might add up quickly if you use the web every day.

FusionCash has other ways to earn like watching videos, listening to paid radio, reading emails and doing surveys.


It cannot get easier than this. With MobileXpression, you need to download its app onto your smartphone or tablet. The app runs in the background and collects your data (nothing personal) about your browsing history and duration.

This data is studied for mobile browsing trends. As per its website, MobileXpression confirms that the data is anonymous to third-party websites, and none of your calls or texts are monitored.

So how can you earn with MobileXpression?

You earn credits for your participation that can be redeemed for gift cards.

Another simple, and most importantly, passive way to earn money browsing on your phone.

Smart Panel

Ok, this is yet another easy way to earn money passively by browsing.

Smart Panel is backed by Verto Analytics and has been quite popular for earning extra cash without doing almost anything. How does this work? You need to download the app onto your mobile, and it records your data.

The data is anonymous, and it helps brands to improve their products for consumers.

First of all, there is a $5 FREE bonus for signing up, and from there on, as long you keep the app on your phone, you get paid every month ($5). There is also a loyalty bonus for keeping the app.

Pretty passive income!

Nielsen Digital Voice

With Nielsen Digital, you just need to sign up on its website, download the app, and keep browsing as you usually do. There is no doubt about the authenticity of the company as it is backed by Nielsen.

You keep entering into draws once you register and you stand a chance to win prizes every month.

Don’t believe me? It pays $10,000 to over 400 users every month. That should say it all.

Media Insider Panel

If you want to earn money passively, then Media Insider Panel is a good option. Simply sign up and install the app onto an eligible device. It records the data like other apps to improve the browsing experience of different sites.

There are two ways to get paid: sweepstakes or perk points. With perk points, you will get $1.25 worth of perk points with each device that’s active and running. You can have up to three devices with Media Insider Panel installed. The longer you are active, the more points you receive.

You can redeem your points for cash or e-certificates.

Cross Media Panel

This panel works similarly to the above panels. You just need to install the plugin, and it records the data it needs to improve the products and services. The data shared is totally anonymous.

You can earn $1 per device every week after you install the plugin, and you can use up to three devices. You can use a laptop, tablet, and smartphone for this panel.You can redeem your payout for e-gift cards and more.

Search Engine Evaluator

There is another completely nontechie way to earn good part-time income working from home filtering search engine results, which is pretty much browsing the web.

As a search engine evaluator, you will be working to rate and filter the search engine results of Google or Bing and match the user intent with the results.

You will have to follow a set of guidelines to do this job, and there are five major companies that hire for this position. The pay differs depending on the country you work in and the company. If this is something you are interested in, learn more about how to be a search engine evaluator.

Even with so much research, I am surprised sometimes that there are so many options to earn money on the side. It might be just watching videos or browsing the internet; these are things we do each and every day. And to earn a little cash while doing these things seems like a great thing to me.

Well, you are going to be hooked to your laptop searching for recipes, reading articles, or browsing for that new movie, right?!

Why not earn some money while you are at it?


  • Online teaching
  • Online market trading
  • start a blog or website
  • Review websites and apps for cash
  • Become a delivery driver or rider
  • write a book
  • write an e book
  • Affiliate marketing
  • mobile phone recycling
  • Be a broker or commission agent
  • Conduct events
  • Cash back on shopping
  • Claim the tax back
  • Do part time job
  • Book reviews
  • Content writing for websites
  • Social media
  • Start a Youtube channel
  • Sell your notes
  • Online games
  • Competitions
  • Buy and sell domain names
  • Sell your old things
  • Sell your photoes
  • start a play school
  • Write article for money
  • become a virtual assistant

An ode to birthday

It is said ‘history is his story’

Yet birthday is yet another blank page

of an “80 page blank note book”, a tabula rasa,

those pages cuddled together,

past ones-some in colours and others in dementia.

The future pages, wary of time and mercy of fate,

will be more colourful with memories, detachment,

Nirvana, the enlightened one

with fragile body but strong mind.

The birthdays are either odd or even pages.

The first page and the last page of this notebook

are written by others leaving a chance of scripting only

on 78 unique pages although the pandemics like corona

might tear a few pages off,

or the modern medicine might add  30 more pages.

Each page of this book has 365 lines,

the script writer is free to make them melancholic,

jovial, happy, sad, frustrated, pensive, hopeful, resentful,

grateful, arrogant, proud, meek, mild, humble and memorable.

The birthday is a reminder,

of where you started this terrestrial journey

and where are you heading to.

The story of fear

Mumbai man was asked to lock down his one and only fragile door,

and occasionally to clap hands,  to light lamps, to drink cow’s urine,

at times to savour a cow dung facial and dinner to suffice,

and to travel back either in dharmik and expensive coronized trains,

or on foot in rows of hundreds or millions

or in bicycle or on animal carts,

perhaps to cover only 2999 kilo meters.

The democratic and secular king expressed his heart

with wit and valour during a historical ‘man ki bath’,

The packages of billions ballooned;

and those obesse business tycoons

concealed an adulterous grin,

to assume the live Facebook role of philathrothopists

distributing rice, sugar,

to last only for a week.

Later this verbose was taken up

by the Adam Smith of India.

The four lines of national highways drank sweat,

ate mutated flesh

of the human feet of toddlers to Pantaloons.

The helicopters showered flowers of matrydom,

politocracy, hypocrisy and propagandist bandwagon,

On health care hubs, nevertheless

Unnoticed by Florence Nightingale and Hippocrates.

The panicked people of this blue planet,

the uninvited guest, the tiny RNA,

baptized it solemnly and named it-

a rare Sinophobic pandemic.

The borders of the First world Countries,

then The Second World,

and finally The Third World

retired to their pseudo cells of fool’s paradise.

The virus took after Bandi Chor, Hitler,Robinhood,

made its presence even in Amazon tribes and Arabian deserts

sparing the only existing empire- North Korea.

The Bollywood tweeted for the pregnant elephant of Malappuram,

having known nothing about mavelous Palakkad,

Tweeting rarely when thousands of pregnant women,

fainted, exhausted and died on the mainland of Bharat,

as it is commonly common in this ancient Sindhu and Harappa Valley.

The quarantined family  played ludo, rummy

and cookery shows attracting traffic,

to get thickly populated in the global media.

This is a Democlis sword and chakravyug,

The savior is not the pope, khalif, or Baba

but Christiaan Barnard and Kadambini Ganguli.

The solace is not found in pubs or parks but in your living and dining room.

It is never late…

When you decide to begin anew now

it is never late.

As you dare yourself to remove

the stains of the past today

it is never late.

When you start valuing what you have right now

it is never late.

Be oblivious of where you were yesterday

it is never late.

How you lost them, things and doors make no sense now,

its is never late.

Where you are heading to can be decided by you today,

it is never late.

Decide and determine to practice patience and prudence,

it is never late.

As all your pursuits, follies, blunders, inaccuracies, missed wins,

would be insignificant now,

it is never late.

Why don’t you realize now the power of ‘now’,

this now, it is never late.

Who gave you life, body, mind, soul, time, space, spouse,

will open a new chapter now for you,

it is never late.

This now is new which is a virgin

it is never ever late to start and explore.

Make immaculate and impeccable moves now,

it is never late.

Start breathing, knowing, and fulfilling,

it is never late now.

Stop remorse,

it is never late.

Go within and navigate yourself,

where wired dreams are populated every now and then,

it is never late.

Love humans too as you love elephants,

cows, buffaloes, monkeys and sharks,

remember it is never late.

Post Corona Schooling

The ongoing pandemic poses many existential questions often restructuring and redefining all the  established norms and societal establishments. Having worked many years in the education sector, I firmly surmise drastic and ironic changes in the way this field has ever been functioning. The modus operandi of the system will invite changes. A special emphasis on ‘online learning’, live streaming, webinars, which is mushrooming in the social media is a way of coping up with such an inevitable change. Parents are now tuned to ‘bear with their kids’ which hitherto, was a ‘school’s head ache to take care of them during the day’. As everybody is confined to their homes, this ‘putting up’ should be a necessary evil albeit the fact that it would take little time to get adjusted to this wiered scenario of ‘working and living’ inside the four walls of their houses which is free from fear,pressure, expectations, gossips, politics, tactics, ego clashes, meetings, arguments and this new ‘work and live from home’ culture is in fact really comfortable and better.

Much has been researched on formal schooling and a lion portion of that content is attuned to suit  to the four decorative walls of the class room which was initially ‘chalk and talk ‘with teacher predominantly imparting his reservoir of knowledge to his ’empty vessels’ who were always at the ‘receiver’s end’. However, recently with the advancement of information technology a paradigm shift happened where the students became easily equipped with accessing the information and ‘knowledge’. Thus the monopoly of teachers has been gradually disappearing. However, a few academicians tried to regain this supremacy by insisting on ‘values, ethical training and socializing’ aspect of education.

The corona time has made a great assault on ‘time tabling’ and conditioning the time to suit to others. The set of learners and can manage their time ‘responsibly’. They need not learn ‘mathematics’ during that ‘stipulated hour’ which they can substitute with their favourite ‘P.E’. They need not learn pure concepts of science with such artificially or virtually created ‘observation, and ‘experiments’. The Corona king, conspiring with furious wife-the beautiful and benign nature, set everyone free with ‘freedom to manage themselves alone’, and not in a ‘close knit’, ‘interdependent’ team of players. Life skills, which are necessary and sine qua non are imbibed naturally. It cannot be taught in books. Another lesson taught by this corona king is that the time we spend in schooling is sheer lag. It cannot be compartmentalized to ‘academic years’, ‘semesters’, ‘terms’.

The assault on job oriented teaching learning process is also alarming and precarious. Some jobs are now considered meaningless and irrelevant. ‘A lion’s share of what we learn in null and void. They are of no real significance either to us or to others. The most basis skill is self management. Cooking, washing, cleaning, self hygiene, ‘swaraj’ of Gandhiji is really on its majestic way back. In schools these lessons should be taught in the initial years. After that, the ‘verbose’ on science, mathematics, history, art, literature should be taught. ‘Religion’ should never be taught as there will be no rituals, priest and pilgrim centers. Each human being is a temple or church.

The king has showcased the folly of ‘schooling expense’. Parents have never thought the schooling could be this much cheaper and practical. Even now planning is going on to conduct examinations. Nevertheless, imagine a situation where the ‘brutal king’ rules this world for another two years jeopardizing all human plans and projects. There will be no examination, and a pass in that is not a requirement to get a job. Instead, each job will cater to the skills of the doer.

Education, as with any concept has evolved historically. It has gone seriously astray from the fundamentals. The focus was continuously shifting from the ‘leaner’ to the ‘teacher’. However, ‘the learnt’ or the content of teaching hasn’t been substantially evolving. I has thus degenerated to a rat race. Education was ceased to be something that imparts knowledge and resultant wisdom. On the other hand, it was a just a piece of written documents to get a job or ‘eligibility to be hired’.

The corona time has questioned this and now the companies would definitely look for people with self integrity and independence. They would hire employees who can ‘work and live from home’. They can easily minimize their expenses on running luxurious offices with peons, sweepers, electricity, tea breaks, seminar halls, review meetings, workshops, trainings etc. Now it can be one to one through virtual meeting. This virtual is more realistic than the ‘conference hall’ where everybody is disguised and fake.






146 Post Corona Habits

  1. Wash your hands frequently. Wash before and after the meals.Wash your face, legs, hands with soap and water after returning from outside of your houses. Wash your hands with soap after using toilets.
  2. Say namaste” instead of shaking hands, hugging or kissing to greet some one.
  3. Keep a distance of one and half meters whenever you speak to someone. The droplets can travel up to four meters while sneezing.
  4. Use mask to avoid pollution and infection in this infected and polluted world. Using mask is to protect yourself and prevent others in getting infected.
  5. Drink at least 3 liters of water. Better to drink warm water. Add ginger or garlic to it.
  6. Include food that contains vitamic C. The fruits, eggs, vegetables and milk products would be of great help.
  7. Have balanced food.But don’t eat too much and you are confined to your houses during lock down.
  8. Do not dine outside. Cherish homely food.
  9. Include vegetables and fruits in your diet. But see that they are cleaned with salt or any food sanitizer.
  10. use your inactive hand more. If you are a left hander use your   right hand more. If you are a right hander, use your left hand more.
  11. Go to bed early. You should lie down before 9.PM.Remember, early to bed and early to rise makes you healthier and wealthier. Sleep balances your thoughts. It improves alertness. Avoid looking at the screens at least one hour before sleep.
  12. Have your dinner before one hour of going to bed. The ideal time is before 8.PM. Do not eat a heavy dinner. Include vegetables and fruits for the last meal of the day. Let your body also take rest during the sleep.
  13. Complete your daily tasks that day itself. Don’t procastinate. It is an evil. Do not carry forward the burden of today to tomorrow.Students are to complete their home works one hour before dinner that is before 7.P.M
  14. Get up before sunrise everyday. It differs from season to season. The best time to rise from sleep is before 5.A.M. Waking up later than that will make your day heavier and burdensome. Rising up earlier gives you ample time for yourself and to plan for the rest of the day.
  15. As soon as you rise from the sleep sit down or take a comfortable posture for meditation or reflection or stillness of the mind.
  16. Thank God every morning. A sense of gratitude makes one humble. Extend your thankfulness to your parents,relatives,and friends.
  17. Wish your parents in the morning. They are the ones who will never desert you.
  18. Spend just 5 minutes in front of the mirror before bath to realize how blessed you are from others. The life you are leading is a life dreamt by many others.
  19. Brush your teeth twice a day. The improved oral health leads to better well being and fitness. It also improves self confidence.
  20. Do not spend time in worrying about what is yet to come.Today is the only reality.Tomorrow is yet to come. You don’t have any control on yesterday.
  21. Do not use any electronic gadget more than 2 hours a day. It is hazardous to your eyes and brain. It takes your attention away from the bounty of nature. The benign nature cools your eyes and gadgets blur your outer and inner vision.
  22. Have a balanced breakfast that includes all nutrients,minerals, and vitamins.This is the only meal that you should not skip. Nothing happens if you skip your lunch and dinner.
  23. Eat at least a fruit every day. Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. They contain natural sugar and those who are diabetic can have them in abundance.
  24. Do not consume unnecessary sweets and chocolotes. They entertain your taste buds but they harm your inner being.
  25. Do not eat more than four times a day. Remember, do not consume the calories that you don’t burn. Do not live to eat but eat only to live.
  26. Sleep between 9.P.M to 5. AM. This is the law of nature. Do not disturb your sleep pattern with any other engagements.
  27. Help your classmates in studies. Knowledge multiplies when shared. The more you help others the better you become.
  28. Do not compare yourself with others.You are unique. Your skills are unique. There is no one like you. You are not a photocopy of anyone. Celebrate your uniqueness. Be yourself.
  29. Do not fall into rat race with anyone. Stop unhealthy competition and comparisons.
  30. Speak the truth always. Truth alone triumps. Eventually, truth will come out. The everlasting victory is of the truth.
  31. Be optimistic. Positive thoughts leads to progress and good deeds.Have sublime faith in yourself, others and the world.
  32. Do not swear in the name of your parents.They have given birth to you. They are irreplaceable.
  33. Do not be afraid of making silly mistakes as they are lessons.A person who never made mistake never learnt anything.
  34. Obey your parents and teachers.
  35. Follow your conscience. Avoid doing wrong things.
  36. Believe that you are a child of God.
  37. Have empathy and sympathy.
  38. Be kind to animals and plants. They too have a right to exist in this world.
  39. Do not litter. Dispose the waist responsibly.
  40. Have a bath daily.
  41. Keep your clothes clean.
  42. Maintain your study materials neatly cand carefully.
  43. Do not buy things that you don’t need.
  44. Choose your friends carefully. It is said, a man is known by the company he keeps.
  45. Do not curse anyone.
  46. Do not plot against anyone.
  47. Never judge anyone fast. Do not judge a book by its cover. Appearances are deceptive.
  48. Use your words sparingly.
  49. Develop good hobbies like gardening and outdoor games.
  50. Smile through out the day.
  51. Do not interfere when others are talking.
  52.  Use polite language.
  53.  Have etiquette and good manners.
  54.  Do not be greedy and glutton.
  55. Ask others if you have doubts on anything. You can also search in google but be cautious.
  56. Do not brood over the past. Leave them as they are and live. The present is the consequence of your past and future is going to be decided by what you do today.
  57. Do not crush your creativity by imitating others; rather follow the dictations of the creator which is imprinted in your heart.
  58. You shall not dream of becoming rich which will curtail your freedom, joy, purity and peace of mind.
  59. Do not preach; for nobody heeds what you say, they listen to only what they want to hear.
  60. You shall not fill your hearts with negative thoughts; it will eventually ruin you.
  61. Do not be a coward that you don’t take risks.
  62. Be courageous enough to travel in an unbeaten and unseen path.
  63. Do not be cunning and shrewd as it would deprive you of sleep and peace.Do not brood over the past,
  64. Do not be anxious about the future, but say good bye to the old ones;
  65. Dream of the ones going to arrive; for each moment is a new ritual.
  66. Never be a borrower or a lender. Moreover, your intuition and reason will guide you.
  67. Do not harm anything or anybody because by doing so you are hurting yourself.There is nothing outside of you.Everything is within you.
  68. Do not a please  others,nobody can be pleased by anybody.However be a peace maker.
  69. Do not associate with people,who are narrow-minded and fundamentalists.
  70. You shall not have   many material possessions,
    that prevent you from visiting  and exploring the world.
  71. Do not eat too much that it may cut short your life.Eat less and live more.
  72. Eat only when you are hungry and drink only when you are thirsty.
  73. Be not a friend of everybody; but be friendly with all.
  74. Have an inquisitive mind that is never tired of knowing, willing and feeling.
  75. Do not speak always. Spend some time for meditation and thinking.
  76. Do not underestimate yourself because others  are there to do it.
  77. Do not cheat yourself; for it requires a lot of inhuman behaviour from your part. To be sincere is your basic nature.
  78. Do not speak when you are not asked to speak ; sometimes, silence is better than words. Empty vessels make louder noise.
  79. Do not always think positively, for it won’t generate alternatives for your action.
  80. Don’t be afraid to fail, for failures teach more lessons than successes.
  81. Have not a habit that curtails your freedom to be what you are.
  82. Spend time for physical exercise. However, it is better not to exercise according to a scheduled plan;  but lead an active life to exert.
  83. You shall not strive always to be smarter than others, that will make others  jealous of you,  for they will try to oppress you.
  84. Do not work hard than what is expected of you  because it would exhaust yourself.
  85. Do not carry others burden because each one has to carry his own burden.
  86. Do not interfere in others lives unless something risks their lives, for by interfering you are curtailing their freedom.
  87. Do not listen to  gossips and rumours because language and words have a lot of things to say with one’s personality and perspective in life. Truth is far away from both of them.
  88. Do not live as if you are going to die tomorrow don’t learn as if you are to live for ever.
  89. Do not love yourself conditionally that you may not be happy.
  90. Don’t try to divide people by your words, deed and thoughts, instead, bridge the gaps  between them.
  91. Do not expect  anything from cheap people but  try to show them the  reality/truth and goodness by showing mercy to them.
  92. Do not always  think about your quest to be happy; but think about your death, old age and diseases.
  93. Do not be a man of loose words; for others will scoff you  as good for nothing.
  94. Do not sacrifice the time you get for sleep and dream for they do actualize most of your wishes and desires.
  95. Do not begin each day with too much zeal and enthusiasm for we don’t know what the day is going to offer  us.
  96. Do not struggle to exist in any situation, but try to exist for being is important than becoming.
  97. Do not give undue importance to anybody in your life for their loss will bring in pain, and trauma in you.
  98. Do not start anything that you can not complete, for doing nothing is better than aborting something half-way. Do not do anything for pleasing others but do to please yourself.
  99. Do not rely on other’s intuitions but go ahead with yours. Intuitions belong to those who are pure and honest. Intentions would give you insights which enable you to take sound judgements.
  100. Do not try to prove yourself because nobody else is interested in that. Each one is ultimately trying to prove oneself. People tend to believe in what you do than what you think.
    Do not try to change others; but be the change. Do not strive to transform anything for transformation happens spontaneously than by force.
  101. Do not judge a person with his words but judge with his intentions. Intentions of a person are revealed in one’s facial expressions, eye-contact and other gestures.
  102. Do not compromise with a good life for it is very rare to find.?Good life is its own reward. No one feels jealous of a good man.
  103. Do not make money for yourself, let others do it for you. Doing right things would fetch you a lot of money.
  104. Do not be jealous of a  bad man because he might reap the fruit of his own folly. Be jealous of a good man for imitating him would benefit you too.
  105. Do not be dogmatic for they are made by men and sanctioned either by religion, tradition, society and science which are dynamic and ever growing. Be pragmatic in faith and flexible in deeds.
  106. Do not blindly follow any Scriptures of the past because they don’t shed light into your present.
  107. Be present where your presence is required and be absent from where you are irrelevant.Your presence is valued only when used judiciously.
  108. Do not laugh in front of cheap people, for they will try to make you cry.
  109. Have not a good book with you, they don’t  teach you anything, they only preach you. Instead have a bad friend, or one who criticizes you and he will teach you a lesson.
  110. Do not always try to succeed for it will kill your spirit to live.
  111. Do not intend or meditate, or say or act anything that harm anybody or anything physically, psychologically, socially and culturally.
  112. Do not strive for perfection because the universe itself is a chaos,
    although we perceive it as  a cosmos
  113. Do not be reluctant to talk or to  converse, or to articulate for everything originated from the word and will end in  the word.
  114. Nothing is dangerous in the world for our thinking makes them so.
  115. Don’t talk about your feelings because nobody cares and listens to them. Others are interested in sad stories about you.
  116. Let money make money for you. Let the sound of breath be louder than the sounds outside.
  117. The greatest commandment in life is the flexibility to change.
  118. You shall not underestimate the power of time, human mind and love. These three phenomena are most powerful in the cosmos and no being can escape them.
  119. Do not take for granted the signs of old age, disease and despair because they are always given to change your life’s path in the right direction.
  120. You shall not commit adultery because the greatest sin in this world is a wrong doing to one’s own body.
  121. You shall eat in such a way that every cell of your body is benefitted. You shall not eat just to satiate your hunger or for pleasure.
  122. Do not expect gratitude from crooked people whose ways are corrupted and perverted.
  123. A woman shall not strive to be a man because the secret and sweetness of the nature bestowed more in her than the latter. A man shall not long to be a woman because the heavenly wisdom is revealed to him than the latter.
  124. You shall not let your fear and remorse plunge you into distress and disappointment as they have already lost their significance in the present and future.
  125. Have not material possessions that curtail your freedom, deprive your sleep and restrict your travelling around the world.
  126. You ought to make people believe that you are alive because by doing so you ignite your existence in this fleeting universe.
  127. Be not an early bird to any festivals that others would belittle you.
  128. Do not always use your words to communicate with others. Silence accompanied by reflection would take you to greater spirituality, peace, harmony and self-realization.
  129. You shall not strive to be happy. Happiness lies in balancing your time in accordance with your unique skills, attitudes and possibilities.
  130. Do not break your silence for uttering useless words instead let your silence be your speech.
  131. You ought to obey only those who believe in you.
  132. Do not lend your ears to every sound around you. Rather, listen to your own breath, heart beat and internal sounds of your body.
  133. Do not put faith on pure luck and fate,You shall not live on luck and fate.
  134. You shall not indulge in persuits of pleasure for their own sake, as most of the material pleasures lead to exhaustion and lethargy.
  135. Do not make choices that sprouts from anger, greed, jealousy, comparison and completion.
  136. You shouldn’t give power to anyone to curtail your peace, happiness and freedom to be what you are.
  137. You shall not go to places where you are insignificant.
  138. You should be like a tree that grows, blossoms and endure till its last breath without moving.
  139. Do not lie because your basic nature is truth.
  140. Do not hesitate to accept the way you are, which is the sum total of your experience, expertise and ex-life.
  141. Those who do good to us are good people.
  142. Do not brood over the fruits of your deeds as it kills your originality in doing that.
  143. Do not be hesitant to tread the path of trespassers which may be considered as adultery. The sin of the skin is deeper than any other sins of the world. It reaches to the deepest recesses of your being. Stay away from adulterous people.
  144. You should not surrender yourself to any drugs as they kill your reason. Be pure is your original nature. When you dilute that, you cease to exist.
  145. Do not be anxious about your health and body. Forget about it and live.
  146. Need not obey any commandment that contradicts your own being which is eternal, infinite, pure and universal. Being oneself is greater than becoming nobody by striving to be somebody. You don’t need to strive to please others. Cultivate a habit of saying ‘no’ and balancing your actions,words and thoughts.

The coronized path

I was always asked by elders to learn from ants:-

“They( ants) are highly disciplined and industrious” they said.

I started observing them as a child and found that:-

They march forward in a straight line as soldiers,

and they carry a lot of loads while they advance.

When I grew up I stopped noticing them till yesterday

during one of the days of this corona lock down.

It seemed that they are shattered, loitering here and there,

defying their disciplined and industrious image.

They did this odd act in a road which is deserted by humans,

Will ants be the next target of nature?

Has the laws of nature changed ?

These questions are being asked quite often now.


defying the nature which  has this contradictory behaviour.

The Lost Child by Mulk Raj Anand summary

The story is about a child and his parents who are going to a fair. On their way to the fair, the child sees a toy shop and asks his parents to buy him a toy, but, his father stared at him and he understood the father’s silent “No”. Then to divert his mind, his mother called him up to the mustard field. The Child saw various things on his way to the fair such as insects, doves, butterflies and so on. In the fair also, he sees various things such as sweets and balloons, but he didn’t request his parents because he knew what would be the reply. So, he murmered and moved on. On reaching the roundabout, he couldn’t resist himself and made a bold request saying that he wants to go on the roundabout and when he turned back for the reply, his mother and father were not there!!! He was confused and ran here and there. He ran to the shrine and fell down. It was then that the kind man came to help him. He offered him everything that he wanted earlier but the child refused and cried for his parents. This shows that the child’s parent’s were the centre  and the meaning of his life and all the luxuries in the world were meaningless to him without his parents.

The writer has kept the story ending open, and we may assume that the child met his parents later, as he was not the only one who was finding his parents, but, his parents were also finding him.

The Post corona diary

The ongoing pandemic caused much panic,paranoia,phobia across the globe. Many established notions of the world were rewritten. It proclaimed to the world that the so called First world counties are not really first. It made a lot of havoc to habits of people. Many industries extincted.Schools and many hospitals are on the verge of extinction. How fragile and vulnerable human beings are. It brought back closeness of the family. It exposed the folly of pseudo socialization. it is a return to the fundamentals.

How to write a character sketch


In every story we find some characters who are ‘people’ around whom the story develops. Ask yourself the following questions when you write a character sketch of any one of the above characters.

1. What motivated them to do something?

2. Why did they behave in a certain way?

3. How did they feel when a certain event took place?

4. What do they intend to do there after?

How to write a character sketch

  • paragraph one: name of the person, age, physical appearance, style of dress.
  • Paragraph two: family, family back ground, home, friends
  • paragraph three: character traits of the personality with evidence.
  • Paragraph four: Likes and dislikes of the character
  • paragraph five: feelings, voice, fears, values and behaviour.

Character traits: talkative, intelligent, friendly, outspoken, curious, kind, smart, energetic, ambitious, thoughtful, reliable, responsible, punctual, practical, organized, honest, polite etc.

Kovid 19 India update state wise

Quick facts

Total cases:          6,237

Deaths:                 186

Cured:                               569

Critical:                                         01

Name of the state                         No. of cases                                          cured

Tamil Nadu
Uttar Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh
Jammu and Kashmir
West Bengal
Himachal Pradesh
Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Arunachal Pradesh

Quarantine (prosem)

Some words attain immortality,

Quarantine is such a word

heard at every quarters

at this juncture.

It existed hither to

nevertheless found,

Among introverts,

among a few selfish people.

I see people in quarantine

during this corona hour,

But what about those animals,

birds in the streets:-


bulls, cows,

oxen, buffalo,

pigs,and pigeons..?!

Don’t they spread virus?

It is ironical in lndia,

to quarantine a human

is more justified

than doing it

for above said

free creatures.

Everything in lndia is religious

except the poor, the lunatic,

physically challenged

and the fairer sex.

Elegy on Dr.Li

He had nightmares when his clinic

Was packed with patients,

Complaining of breathing difficulties.

He had figured it out that it is going to be a pandemic,

Creating panic across the globe.

He wrote his fears,shared them,

But he was taken for granted.

The country had to pay a huge penalty for that lapse.

He also had a family,

He had dear and near ones,

He was neither from Mars nor from Venus.

The immaculate government thought that he was a thorn in its flesh.

He eventually sacrificed his life,

Alarming the world, “the worst is yet to come”,

He was the best in that selfish and self righteous world.

The legacy he left behind will be in golden letters in the centuries to come.

The mankind had had many such voices from time to time.

They walked, served, thought, spoke,and behaved ahead of their times.

Dr. Li is there in every human being:

It is guided by reason and intuition.

Qurantine in Wuhan cried to the world about this great soul.

The first world countries who mocked third world countries exposed their vulnerability;

Dr.Li taught me many lessons-

Do not take anything for granted,

Intuition is greater than reason,

Getting lost for the service of others is great,

After all, life is a meaningless journey with insignificant people in this futile world..

Corona Break

Those dolphins that started darting across the shore of Venice,

Those swans that swam in Wuhan a few days ago,

Those penguins that toddled to the Dunes Hotel in Newzealand,

The children who discovered their dads and moms in their homes,

The sky that regained its blue attire again,

The busy man who started making time to sit, chat, and relax,

The zooed humans were visited by animals of that and this primitive forest,

Forced me to talk to Corona:-


“Hei corona, are you really an eye opener?

A menace? Or a pandemic? Or an uninvited guest to humans?”

You are so adulterous, mysterious and brutal,

Not so beastly, we humans are better beasts,

The crown is feared by humans,

Thus popularity is shunned by them;

You bow before water, the supreme sanitizer,

The humans took water,air,and soil for granted.

Humans are saying adiew to this world, buried or burnt in the polluted soil,

Alone, deserted by all his dear and near ones,

Remember, ye soil, what comes from you goes back to you.

This is a break, a breakthrough in human civilization,

The nature is crowned, reset and rejuvenated,

The corona story happens once in every century,

To celebrate the coronization of what really matters, exists and signifies!





Future of Covid 19

The whole world is undergoing through a terrific phase of its history- human history. The virus was transmitted from animals to humans. There is no evidence that it is a bio weapon. It was not created within a virology lab. It is sinophobic to call it a “Chinese virus”.

The facts are really alarming. Infections multiply in large numbers. Epicentres are changing in weeks. As of today more than 185 countries are struggling to contain the virus. The testing is done on humans. Nobody is testing animals. Perhaps they also may be spreading it. No vaccine has been invented yet.Symptoms are also veried. Old people are highly succeptible. People with pre existing deseases are at high risk Quratine is the only solution. Socializing will aggravate the situation. Countries are locked down. People are now confined to their houses.But there is a great complacency in some countries like lndia where 90 percentage of the people are superstitious. They believe in myths.

The modern social media is also spreading panic. Many myths are propagated. However, many countries most of which are developed, are exposing their inability and vulnerability in sustaining the virus. China, the first epi centre of the virus says that it successfully contained the virus. The truth is yet to be known. WHO declared this outbreak as a pandemic. Some historians say a pandemic happens every 100 years. Last pandemic was in 1920 with Spanish flu. Millions of people were killed with that.

The global community has to rise now.Every human being has to be careful. Wash the hands regularly. Avoid public contacts. Stop shaking hands. Say “namaste”. Avoid a distance of one meter from others. Confine to your houses. Those who are working in companies, opt for “work from home”.

This outbreak has really revealed the folly of religious rituals. These chores and rituals can be performed in your houses. God is within you. This outbreak is a nature’s way of “cleansing”. It will lead to a cleaner,safer and greener earth.

However, l am going to sa hiy the future of this outbreak. It will affect more than 70 percentage of the global population unless an immediate isolation measures are not taken by every country. Billions of people will eventually be killed because the mortality rate of the virus is less and people “take it for granted”. The world will go through a great economic recession. Only a few African countries will be spared.After the outbreak the most powerful country will be Russia followed by South Africa. The dominance of the US and Europe will end. Gulf countries will become poor. The price of gold will be multiplied. The world will become scientific. People will say no to all religions. They will become spiritual. There won’t be any priests. No places of worship. All of them will be converted to hospitals.

The regular schooling will end. Children will learn digitally from home. Tourism will end. People will stop visiting countries. The peace at homes will mount. All clubs, pubs, saloons, will be closed. Each one will become self reliant. Currencies will vanish.Digital money will substitute paper currencies. People will start planting more trees.

These are future possibilities if necessary precautions and action are not taken. Hope these ‘prophesies’ would never be fulfilled. Hope against hope!.