pranic healing fundamentals

Fundamentals of Pranic healing

Our body is made up of two parts, physical body and bio plasmic body. that is why when we look at saints we see an aura around them. it is nothing but their pranic energy.
pranic healing is a great healing technique through which many diseases can be cured. when you are sick your body becomes either energy congested or depleted. A pranic healer will diagnose your affected organ through scanning. there are many stages involved in pranic healing such as:-

All these stages are to be taken not simultaneously. Each sickness needs to be analysed separately. Some may need s short treatment and  others need a lengthy one.Each body is unique and thus treatment is also unique. However, the course of the treatment is same.A disciplined life is necessary for the successful treatment. The patient has to be vegetarian during the treatment. She/ he has to abstain from intoxicated drinks and food items that would generate animosity and lust. He has to cooperate with the healer. It is in fact a healing process than curing process. The healer also must have the necessary preparation and purity of life in order to carry out the process successfully.

Failure to adhere to such requisites and requirements will have detrimental effect on  both the curer and the patient. The duration of the process is determined by the healer after scanning the patient’s body. An advanced pranic healer can heal from a remote place. For beginners, the practitioner has to have a physical proximity with the patient. The basic idea is that both the patient and the curer must be willing to lead a disciplined life. After all, all ailments occur due to undisciplined life.

Our bio-plasmic body would be depleted or congested according to the purity of our lives. The best life will have better aura than those undisciplined one. Carefulness and docility towards the treatment is essential. The patient must have an unbiased faith in the healer. Healer also must keep his/ her life pure, unstained by material pursuits such as greediness, selfishness, lust, bigotry, hatred, revenge, shrewdness,etc. A pristine and clear life style is a necessary requirement for the success of the process.

To put it brief, the awareness of the healing process can be generated by counselling and in close  one-to-one inter action with the healer.A slight astray will have catastrophic impact on the patient. The healing thus begins from within. Gradually it penetrates into outside giving way to well-being, happiness and peace. Life will be drastically changed. A transformation would take  place after the process both internally and externally resulting in better quality in life. Are you ready for it? then keep reading…


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