How to write a good CV
The CV provides the main marketing material in your job-hunting campaign.
The CV’s aim is to gain you an interview, not the job itself.
Tailor the contents as closely as possible to the requirements of the target job.
Most people are best served by drafting a historical CV describing employment history in reverse chronological order.
Don’t write a CV longer than three pages. Most people just need two.
Avoid anything that can make the recruiter suspicious, such as unexplained gaps in your career history.
Avoid potentially controversial content such as political affiliations
Allow time to review and improve your draft CV before sending it off; ask a friend to look at it, as well as your covering letter.
If you are asked to complete an application form, make sure you do so fully.
Practice answering the questions on a photocopy of the original form.
Answer all of the questions.
Write a covering letter that makes you stand out by highlighting three or four key attributes that make you the best person for the job.
Sending CV’s by email is increasingly common. If you do so, write a covering email that follows the same approach as a covering letter.


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