Homophones are words which sound alike and cause confusion. The do not have the same meaning.

Accelerate, exhilarate

accelerate: to move faster

exhilarate: to invigorate

Accept, except

accept: to receive

except: to exclude

Adapt, adopt

adapt: to change in response to a situation or circumstance

adopt: to take on or make something one’s own

Adhere, cohere

adhere: to stick to or by something

cohere: to stick two or more things together

Adverse, averse

adverse: antagonistic

averse: disinclined

Advice, advise

advice: an opinion about how to deal with a problem or situation

advise: to offer such an opinion

Affect, effect

affect: to have an influence on; an emotion, sensation, or feeling

effect: to bring about; a result, outcome, or consequence

Aggravate, irritate

aggravate: to make worse

irritate: to annoy

Allusion, delusion, illusion

allusion: an indirect reference

delusion: a false belief

illusion: a misperception of reality

Amoral, immoral

amoral: neither moral nor immoral

immoral: not moral

Anxious, eager

anxious: worried

eager: impatiently expectant

Arbitrate, mediate

arbitrate: to make a judgment in a dispute

mediate: to settle a dispute by helping the parties reach a decision

Ascribe, subscribe

ascribe: to credit to a specific cause

subscribe: to endorse or approve something

Assume, presume

assume: to take for granted without any evidence

presume: to take for granted without evidence to the contrary

Assure, ensure, insure

assure: to remove doubt (used with reference to a person or animal)

ensure: to make certain

insure: to make certain, or to guarantee against risk

Avocation, vocation

avocation: a hobby

vocation: a profession or calling

Avoid, evade

avoid: to stay clear of

evade: to elude

Beside, besides

beside: next to

besides: in addition

Biannual, biennial

biannual: twice a year

biennial: every two years

Blatant, flagrant

blatant: conspicuously offensive

flagrant: extremely offensive or reprehensible

Burglary, robbery

burglary: breaking into a building with the intent to steal

robbery: taking property from a person by threat or force

Childish, childlike

childish: immature

childlike: innocent

Compose, comprise

compose: to constitute

comprise: to be composed of

Continual, continuous

continual: recurring frequently

continuous: continuing without interruption

Credible, credulous

credible: capable of being believed

credulous: capable of believing

Definite, definitive

definite: clearly defined

definitive: authoritative

Denote, connote

denote: to indicate

connote: to suggest

Discover, invent

discover: to find something that already exists

invent: to create something new

In behalf of, on behalf of

in behalf of: for the benefit of

on behalf of: on the part of

Moral, morale

moral: virtuous

morale: frame of mind

Prescribe, proscribe

prescribe: to establish a rule

proscribe: to prohibit

Venal, venial

venal: corruptible

venial: easily forgiven

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