Satiating the war instinct

of this competitive man

without shedding drops of blood

in fact with some stagnant sweat

this superb game amazes me!!

The winner has two features-

attacking the other while defending oneself;

opening matters a lot

endurance and perseverance also matter.

Failing thousand times before the win

like an infant stumbles many times to walk

the eventual winner keeps on learning

from each such defeats and failures.

Some develop phobia of defeat

while others fight till the last

While some develop ‘chess mania’

still others make winning their habit.

It still surprises me with its sixty four cells

a beautiful blend of black and white

reminding me of apartheid, Martin Luther King

and  Nelson Mandela, discriminations on skin still exist

The black or white army could be the winner

Depending on their intelligence, perseverence and move

And not by mere colour of the skin

Isn’t it an eye-opener for many?

Even here I find some white dominance

as the white side always moves first

mocking sometimes the killer instinct of “white man”

those arrogant ones whose skin can sometimes be black!


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