If you are a man with a long nose…

If you are a man with a long nose

You are suppose to be a doubting person- a skeptic..  You tend to doubt others. You will be famous for your stinchiness. You would spend money very carefully and live for it and die for it. Making money would be your sole motive in life.But You will die without using the money for your enjoyment. look at this personal observation:

“I am really self conscious about my nose, as a teenager I suffered a lot of name calling, ridicule, put downs about my nose, etc. Now in my mid 20s I still get some ridicule, the butt of jokes because of my nose, I am so insecure about it.. I have never had much confidence in my appearance because of my nose. I have had people call me ugly because of my nose is big – but those who said that were really mean people. I also overheard someone say that I would be ok if I didn’t have a big nose – which means I am not ok because of my nose. I just feel so self conscious of my nose and that when girls see me they automatically see I have a flaw in my appearance and could never look at me in terms of being interested in me”


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