Steps in Pranic Healing

Steps in Pranic Healing
Pranic Healing, unlike English Medicine, Ayurveda and Homeopathy, is a long process. It is done in diffrent steps. The healer and the healed must be prepared mentally, physically and spiritually for it.
The pranic healer must acquire maximum prana(energey) as possible) The best time for pranic healing is after sunrise and before sunset where the energy from the son is more vibrant and available.
the pranic healer can absorb prana from many sources. For instanc, a big tree is a great source of energy. A pranic healer may ask the patient to go and lie down uder a huge tree for some time.
The following are the steps.

1. Scanning ( Diagnosing the disease by scanning the chakras( energy centres)

2. Sweeping ( Cleansing the dirt prana(energy) from the affected part of the body)

3. Energising ( Fill in the affected part with good prana.)

4. Sustaining ( the follow up exercises to keep the prana intact.)


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