What is Pranic Healing??

What is pranic healing

Pranic Healing is a treatment based on some basic principles. An advanced pranic healer can diagnose, treat and heal any disease. The exact developer of this healing technique is unknown. But it had deep roots in Chinese acupuncture.
According to pranic healing, human beings have two bodies, physical body and bio-plasmic body. they are inter-related. We fall sick when out bio-plasmic body is sick. We have many energy-centres (chakras) in our body. They are the pivotal centres of our body. When we are sich there will be depletion or congestion of energy in those energy centres.
In pranic healing, through the steps of scanning, sweeping and energizing, the healing takes place. It advocated different types of meditations to absorb prana from the nature. A life close to the nature is inevitable to a pranic healing practitioner.


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