Decision making

Life is a sum total of all the decisions we make from birth to death. Decision making is sometimes a very difficult task to do. At times, we are in a dilemma where there are many different possibilities that are of equal importance. But once we make up our mind to take a decision, we won’t be in a position to discard all. some decisions may haunt us because of that reason. A successful person is the one who makes proper decision in appropriate time. He possesses an ability to make sound judgments, foreseeing the consequences of his/her act. However, Decision plays an inevitable role in one’s life. I would like to put forth the following criteria for a good decsion:

1. Is the decision right to your common sense?

2. Who is going to be affected by your decision?

3. How much time is there to make a decision?

4. Are you the sole decision maker?

5. Do you give priority to your personal motives?

6. Are you ready to take calculated risk?

7. Is the decision going to be based on emotions or feelings?

8. Have you given enough thought to the consequences of the decision?

9. Which situation demands a decision from you?

10. Can you take a decision not to take a decision to the situation hoping to have a solution in course of time?

The bottom line is:

“Make sound decisions and succeed in all your endeavors”


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