Twin lives

At his faux pas
Viz. smoking, drinking, drug-addiction, adultery;
I have observed silence
Thinking that it would subside with love
And little bit patience
When everybody accused him
Was pessimistic and negative to him in his own words
But today I showed my anger
When I came to know that he has been an inveterate
Justifying himself rather than repenting or mending his ways
Now I am branded as foul-mouthed
Although he has several times spoken rudely,
Whenever somebody pointed out his mistakes
And when I categorically said no to him
He too said no and cautioned me not to interfere with his life
In fact he has been interfering with my life
And when I built a life from nothingness
To possess some wealth, property and so on
Has he become jealous of me?
It was he who spoiled his life
Leaving his wife and children
Led a life of irresponsibility
Now looking for a shelter
He used to boast of his nomadic life
He would say that we don’t carry anything from this world when we die
I too agree with it
But as long as we live
Shouldn’t we have all these things-?
Money, house, wife, children, property, clothes, food…
Although the fate of everyone in the world is same
The life of each one is unique and different-
Why doesn’t he realize
that we have a strong role to play in our lives?
How can he be such a fatalist
and remain always at the receiving end?
It’s high time that he may design his life with his will
rather than being influenced by spur of the moments,
opinions and dictations of others,
Yes. I won’t interfere in his life here after nor should he.
It doesn’t mean that one day we wouldn’t meet,
eat meat and drink together.
But on that day when I happen to meet him (I don’t want to)
I will tell him-
“I loved you and took care of you as I love myself.
I always prayed for your wellbeing
but when all my efforts were in vain,
I resorted to the last act of removing you
completely from my life
that I may be free, and you may be free.”
I hope he would reply.
” I have also been loving you
and following you wherever you went.
I have seen your transformation from a humble man
to a greedy wealthy man.
You have grown in your worldliness
that you banished me, cursed me and left me alone.
If you had been with me,
I would have been different.
Only you could change my life.”
… … … …
Will there be any holy river to wash my sins away?


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