A Tribute to 9/11

September 11 has become one of the most significant dates of the history of the world because of its far-reaching consequences of the modern world order. On that the mightiest nation was attacked brutally. Thousands of people were killed. The world Trade Centre  was totally devastated. We also witnessed an attack on the military head quarters of the mightiest nation, United States of America.

It proved to the world that even the safest and mightiest place in the world is vulnerable to terrorist attacks. It was an eye opening to many complaisant nations of the world who were over confident of their security and safety. After the attack the world witnessed USA’s war on terror, namely in Afganistan, searching Osama Bill Ladan, but they failed to capture him.

Being frustrated they attacked Iraq to put an end to terrorism in the world. But we know that all those efforts were in vain. The terrorism is the biggest threat to modern man today. Every day we hear about terrorist attacks in different parts of the world. Thousands of people are killed in such attacks every month.

War is not a solution to terrorism. It will only increase terrorism. Cross border terrorism, or international terrorism has become the biggest problem to be solved today.

When we remember this 9/11 again let’ s all hand in hand, all nations, the entire mankind join together to fight against this demon which will jeopardize the whole world if unchecked. I think, terrorism happens in the mind of an individual which gradually creeps into a community and thus to  the entire world. If each one can be a herald of peace and harmony, there won’t be any room for terrorism. Let that determination to put an end to terrorism within be the resolution on this historical day.

Hoping a better world.

2 thoughts on “A Tribute to 9/11

  1. Yes, here’s hoping.

    I’ve spent the past nine years seeking answers regarding how and why 9/11 happened. I’ll never stop trying to find answers for my questions, but to be honest, the urgency lessens with every anniversary. Now, all I can do is remember the day and what life was like before…what life is like now.

    Before 9/11, life seemed simple, comparitively speaking. I remember the big news nine years ago focused on Gary Condit. onnie Chung landed an exclusive “no holds barred” interview with the beleaguered lawmaker. We crowded around our TV sets on an Indian Summer evening all those years ago, like some Fireside Chat for the New Millenium. Connie asked the questions and we watched and listened intently for his responses. Condit categorically denied having ANY knowledge of Chandra Levy’s where abouts. He said he knew NOTHING about the missing intern. Did we believe him?

    And really, did it matter??? This was good stuff–salaciously delicious. It had been years since the Clinton/Lewinksy debacle; we wanted more. WE NEEDED MORE and we couldn’t wait until the next juicy Condit interview.

    But that never happened. Our focus shifted.

    The next morning, 19 religious zealots in four hijacked Boeing 757’s made sure of that.


    • Dear LK,
      Thank you very much for reading my post. 9/11 is still a mystery it seems… As you said, the pre 9/11 world was simpler than post 9/11. However, this alienation happened when man moved away from nature to his internal selfish world. Man had been living in pseudo security, overconfident of his might, ignoring his vulnerabilities and abruptly such catastrophe struck human being to remind him of his limitation.
      Answers to this incident is not important but solutions to the consequences of that incident is important. (I am not belittling the suffering of those victims). It must be a guard against USA not to let their nuclear weapons be leaked out to the hands of terrorists. If such thing happens there won’t be anybody on earth to commemorate such an incident in future.
      I would like to reiterate that the war on terrorism must begin from within every individual.
      thanks a lot again.

      Thilophian (Bijosh)

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