Marriage is a sine qua non institution in many societies. Man and woman relationship always finds its real meaning and significance only in a marriage. The society has its own norms regarding marriage. Moreover, there are many rituals associated with it. Every religion also has its own teaching on marriage. the marriage satisfies man’s longing to be with woman and vice versa. Society’s legal approval of this relationship is called marriage, although divorce is also accepted in many societies. Here I am talking about marriage between a man and woman and not between the same sexes.

A successful marriage will be based one following principles:

  • A man commits himself to another woman for a lasting relationship by fulfilling his duties as a husband, father, friend, companion and a lover.
  • A woman commits herself to another man for a lasting relationship by fulfilling her duties as husband, mother, friend, companion and a lover.
  • They shall always be concerned about the well-being of the other.
  • They shall maintain their individualities without infringing the personal freedom of the other.
  • They may follow the socially accepted behavior being loyal to the other.
  • They shall take the responsibility of their children, born from their sexual union than lust, nurturing them and loving them.
  • They shall always give priority to their cultural and moral values inherited from their respective community.
  • They  shall be ready to accept the other as he is/ she is that what he should be or she should be.
  • They shall complement each other, physically, psychologically, morally and financially.
  • They shall contribute equally to the smooth running of the family.
  • They shall be adequate interaction between them.
  • They should find time to eat together at least one meal a day.
  • They should respect the parents and relatives of the other.
  • They may pray together.
  • They may be open, optimistic.
  • they shall appreciate each other.
  • They shall encourage each other.
  • They shall know their weaknesses and strengths.
  • They may learn from the mistakes in day to day life.
  • They should make decisions together.

The couples who follow will definitely will have a very successful married life. Though the newly married ones will have difficulty in adhering to this principles in the beginning, they will find it easy as years go by. A successful married couple will have more or less similar life. And they will become one in all respects.

Wish you all the best, all those who are married.

Let it be a new beginning.


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