The founder of Kodangisastra

The Founder of Kodangisastra

Kodangi sastra is invented, founded  and propagated by Kokoka Muni, who leads an ascetic life at Sakurundampara, a hill in Idukki district in Kerala, India. He is 70 years now and he had an eventful life till the age of 33. After 33, he retired from his so called domestic life ( he calls it, ‘Loukika jeevitham” which means ‘life in the world’.) Ever since he started living at Sankurundampara, which got its name because of a huge rock situated at the top of the hill, which can at anytime fall down causing damage to human lives and property, he found this life quite challenging and interesting.

He says, The para ( means ‘rock’) reminds me of the mortality of our lives. There’s a bliss in living  a life under threat every moment, as if tomorrow isn’t there for me, and that gives me energy and enthusiasm to celebrate each moment I have today.”

Ironically, he removes small portion soil beneath the rock, very secretly, with the intention of inviting his own destiny. Many disciples do gather in front of him and his cave under the rock has become a seat of wisdom and learning.

You may call him a ‘ a muni’, a  ‘sadhu’, ‘a wise man’, ‘an enlightened one’, and it’s indisputable that he would leave behind a legacy behind him. His sastra would be a solution for some crisis-es that the modern man faces.


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