You are the sole winner today

Be a winner today

Winning is a good feeling for everyone. Nobody likes to lose. Every time when a person wins his ego is boosted. And when he loses his ego is demoralized. Thus victory is a motivating experience and loss is a de-motivating one. But if we closely look at both these inevitable experiences in life, we can see that both are complementary and two sides of the same coin. Nobody can win without losing anything. The one who never loses is the one who never tries anything new or attempts anything. The real joy of success comes from failures that precede it. No one can emerge as a winner all of a sudden. It requires a lot of endurance and patience. And if there is such an instant success, it won’t be a real one. It may not last long.

Therefore, a person who wants to succeed must be ready to face failures and setbacks. He must have a ‘never giving up’ attitude. I have read in one article, a person is next to victory when he decides to quit. And the temptation to quit will be highest at that point of time. And a person who is steadfast would emerge victorious at the end. At the end of the day he will have the joy of accomplishments and success. These gains could be very big as becoming millionaire or as trivial as winning as overcoming a small task in day to day life. But the amount of happiness and satisfaction that this victory brings to the person vary depending on his priorities in life. For instance, a person who is interested in food may be very happy when he wins a free dinner. But it won’t be so fascinating to the who isn’t interested in eating.

Today is the apt time for success. Today this moment is in your hand. You can decide to be a winner or loser. Ultimately, the decision is yours. You can either decide to be happy or unhappy. Even the whole world is upside down, you can be happy. That happiness would generate victory from such sufferings, dilemma, and such painful situations. Make others winners and you will find that you will win eventually. If you are selfish and think the success must be yours and yours only then you will lose and you will be deprived of the real joy of winning. To conclude, you are a winner today. There isn’t anything that will curtail your happiness. Be happy. You are successful today. And when you are successful today you are victorious forever as TODAY only repeats!



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