If someone is observing me, will I do it?

This Pastor is rushing around the house looking for his white collar before the service begins. While looking in the linen cupboard he finds this shoebox, when he opens it he finds 3 eggs and $100.

The next day he asks his wife what it was all about. She replies, “I didn’t want to tell you before because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

The Pastor starts wondering what it can possibly be that would hurt his feelings, and the wife continues, “You see since the day we got married 25 years ago I’ve been putting an egg in this box for every bad sermon you’ve given.”

The Pastor thinks 3 eggs in 25 years, that’s not so bad, then asks “What’s the $100 for?” His wife replies, “Every time I got a dozen eggs I sold them to the neighbours for $1.”

Had he known what others thought of his sermons, he would have been more careful. When we are aware that someone is observing us, we try to perform better.




A person once asked his friend: “Why are you so glum-faced?”

“Well,” he confided, “my wife insisted that I stop gambling, smoking, drinking and playing cards. So I did.”

“I understand,” said the other consolingly. “But at least your wife must be very happy.”

“That is the problem. I thought she would be,: cried his friend. “But now she acts so indifferent towards me–because she has nothing to complain about.”




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