Another thought for the day

The Unfathomable Miracle……………

A man came to a priest and wanted to make fun of his faith, so he asked, “How can bread and wine turn into the Body and Blood of Christ?”

The Priest answered, “No problem. You yourself change food into your body and blood so why can’t Christ do the same?”

But the man did not give up. He asked, “But how can the entire body of Christ be in such a small host?”

“In the same way that the vast landscape before you can fit into your little eye.”

But he still persisted, “How can the same Christ be present in all your churches at the same time?”

The priest then took a mirror and let the man look into it. Then let the mirror fall to the ground and break and said to the sceptic. “There is only one of you and yet you can find your face reflected in each piece of that broken mirror at the same time.”


A woman once attended a Mission conducted in her parish. She was so inspired, that she approached the preacher and said, “I feel that God is calling me to preach the Gospel. The problem, however, is that I have nine children. What should I do?”
The preacher replied, “Praise the Lord for giving you this inspiration, for calling you to preach his word. Don’t you see, he has already provided you with a congregation?



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