meaning of love..

Always enjoy life, no matter how hard it seems!

When life give you a thousand reasons to cry. Show the world that…

You have million reasons to SMILE!!!




Where there is trust there will be love.

Never try to tested the true love its very hard to forget.

You can not see the love and touch it.

Love can only be felled

Every supreme sacrifice of this world behind it there will be love.

And we human exist in this world is because of love.



2 thoughts on “meaning of love..

  1. INDECISION : One step towards love, one step towards money…one step towards happiness, one step towards obedience……the soul stands undecided….where the crossroads of the future meet….Obedience is the way of blessing…and money is almost everything in today’s world….Obedience leads to money and money brings happiness (so they say)….Then where is the lost emotion of true love ?Buried in the depths of the soul…held captive by all other emotions….wanting to surface….but is trampled by the unemotional emotions of the world. Blessed are the few who experience true love….and hold it high above the rest…It brings them closer to God…Helps them achieve great success…and helps attain the ultimate happiness of the mind and body heart and soul…which men sek throughout their lives….

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