Stop comparing…

A woman came to a Zen Master and asked, “Master! Why are you always so blissful? Why am I not?”The Master said, “Come with me to the garden.” The woman followed him to the garden. He said, “Do you see this big tree and the small tree next to it?”She said, “Yes, I see it.”The Master said, “I have never heard the small tree asking the big tree, “Why are you so big and I am so small?” That’s why both are happy. The tree is big and the bush is small and both are unique. They don’t compare themselves although they are standing side by side. So both are happy. And I am happy because I have dropped all comparison; I have simply accepted myself as I am. That is my simple secret.”

We are more interested in others lives than our own life. The mind is always eager and curious to know what happens in the neighbour’s house. We want to live always like somebody else and not like ourselves. So the lists of comparison go on and on—it is endless. Comparison creates smallness or pettiness in us, which makes us unhappy in life. Thus, comparison becomes food for the ego. People never want to live as themselves. We are not ready to accept what we are at the moment—here and now. When we accept ourselves as we are comparison disappears. Life blooms ad bliss enters our being. Life becomes beautiful and we begin to appreciate it and everything around us.

If you ever find happiness by hunting for it, you will find it as the old woman did her spectacles, safe on her own nose all the time—Josh Billings.

Happiness comes from what you are. It doesn’t lie in what you have and what you do. Be who you are. Be satisfied with what you have. Love what you do. Stop unnecessary comparisons with others. Accept yourself first and the world will start accepting you. Be contented with your life. Be addicted to life. Cultivate values. Forget about your savings and possessions. Your possessions would leave you. But your happiness cannot be taken away by them. Live everyday as if that is the last day in your earthly life. Forgive the sins of others. Forget the mistakes of others and yours. Don’t brood over past. Let past worry about itself. Take control of now. It is important to set priorities. 
The basic happiness is within you. You are born with it. You would die with it. Share your happiness with others. It never lessened by sharing. Be ready to work hard. Work harder and harder. Hope and have faith in your abilities. Be optimistic and open. Don’t be prejudiced. Life is not a target. It is a process. Flow like a river. There is nothing to achieve which would make you happy. See that you are already fulfilled. Be grateful to God and others who are with you. Take care of your dear and near of you. Stop doubting them. Be happy with your thoughts, deed and words. Radiate the rays of hope and faith to the world….

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