How to tackle problems

Why Worry……………
What is worry? It is simply an unhealthy and destructive mental habit. If you have it, you were not born with it; you acquired it. And since you can change any habit, you can cast worry from your mind. So let’s start breaking your worry habit at once.
Now I wish to give ten simple suggestions to use whenever you have a problem to solve.
1. Believe that for every problem there is a solution.
2. Keep calm. Your brain cannot operate efficiently under stress. Go at your problem easy like.
3. Don’t try to force an answer. Keep your mind relaxed so that the solution will become clear when the right time comes.
4. Get all the facts together; look at them without bias. Try to judge them as if they were no personal concern of yours.
5. Write down these facts on a sheet of paper. When you do this and get them into proper order,  you will see them and then think about them more clearly.
6. Pray about your problems. Say and believe that God will bring light into yoiur mind.
7. Seek God’s guidance on the promise in the 73rd Psalm, “Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel.”
8.  Trust in the faculty of insight and intuition.
9. Got to church and let your subconscious mind work on the problem. Spiritual thinking has amazig power to give “right”answers.
10. If you follow these steps faithfully, then the answer that develops in your mind, or comes to pass, is the right answer to your problem. Believe that…
–Norman Vincent Peale
When GOD solves your problems, you have faith in HIS abilities;
when GOD doesn’t solve your problems, HE has faith in your abilities.
Have a Worry Free Day!!!!

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