The power of gratitude

The greatest saint in the world is not he who prays most or fasts most;
it is not he who gives alms, or is most eminent for temperance, chastity, or justice. It is he who is most thankful to God, and who has a heart always ready to praise Him
— William Law

Saying “Thank you” helps not only ourselves but also the people who hear it. If we thank people, they don’t forget it. And the next time they will be to be of help to us. They feel they owe us something. Thanking people cheers them up; you can see their faces light up. It makes their work lighter. They go on doing the same old job, but somehow it seems interesting and easier.

The word “Thank you” bear fruit immediately. When we are thanked, our first reaction is to go and thank someone else. And in that way we start a whole chain reaction of thanks. What is particularly inspiring is thanks from  above: parents thanking children, bosses thanking employees, teachers thanking pupils. Why is it that thanks is automatic to a stranger and not to those near?


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