What is the best time for prayer?

Be joyful always, pray at all times,


A ship was carrying a group of pilgrims to Mecca.  A Christian monk happened to be in the same ship. His face seemed so radiant with some extraordinary power. As the voyage was progressing, one day suddenly the sea became rough and the captain declared, “It seems the ship is going to sink, so please say your last prayers….” And everyone fell in prayer except the monk.

Now people noticed that the monk was not at all shaken or not bothered about anything. His face was still radiant and he was in  a happy mood. They became really angry, gathered around and said, “You seem to be a holy man. But you haven’t joined us in prayer. It is too much–we are on the verge of sinking–still you are relaxed and not praying to God for a rescue. Why?”

The monk said, “To pray out of fear is not the genuine worship.” And then they asked, “But we didn’t see you praying when there was no fear.”

The monk said, “I am in prayer always–each moment is a prayer. Only those who are not in prayer need to pray.”



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