How to face challenges

How to face challenges

Everybody in his or her life faces different types of challenges. Life is full of challenges from womb to tomb, from birth to death. Success in life depends largely on how on overcomes these challenges. Most common challenges are diseases, aging, and sins or crimes, natural hazards or calamities, manmade disasters. These challenges, being physical, put men in a vicious circle. These realities in life often make life a tough and hard one. When the life runs smoothly, unexpectedly, one of these challenges may strike you.

Apart from these physical challenges, there are some mental challenges which are more  grave in human existence. For instance, the deprivation of love, recognition and loss of human dignity, prestige and pride. We find suicides in the event of these challenges. I don’t deny that physical challenges do not lead to suicide and self- killing.

The following tips may help one in overcoming these challenges:

  • Have a realistic attitude towards these challenges.
  • Go beyond and look at life with a universal perspective.
  • Try to tackle one challenge at a time.
  • Have strong faith in God, others and oneself.
  • Seek help from others.
  • Believe that everything has a solution.
  • Wait patiently for the time to solve many problems.
  • Realize that problems are inevitable in life.
  • Face challenges rather than fleeing from them.

To sum up, a man with solid faith in God, oneself and others would emerge successful from all the challenges. And such a man  will be considered great man in the world.


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