New Year Reflections

In many a home, at least during the last generation, a certain door or panel was reserved for measuring the heights of the children. Generally it was a hidden away door, that was left unpainted…so as not to remove the little scratches and marks and dates and initials. Over the years the inside of that door had many lines and marks. Children would check themselves against their brothers and sisters and ask, “How much have I grown?”

“Am I bigger than Billy?”
“Pretty soon I’ll be as big as Joe.”
Anyone can realise the advantage and interest of such a record. It made the children stand, walk and sit tall and straight. It made them want to eat healthy foods. It made them realise the importance of rest. It made them eager to show progress in bodily growth.
Every New Year, we should stand against our measuring door and see how much we have grown spiritually. Perhaps you could start measuring on the inside of the church door… if you come there regularly.

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