Care Free………………….

Look at the crows; they don’t sow seeds or gather a harvest;

they don\’t have store-rooms or barns; God feeds them!  You are worth so much more than birds!

“Can any of you live a bit longer by worrying about it?

If you can’t manage even such a small thing, why worry about the other things

(The Bible, Luke 12: 24).

 One day Diogenes was on a journey. It was hot and he was thirsty. He wanted very much to have some water to drink. So, he went to the river with his begging bowl. As he was standing on the bank, a dog passed him by, running, panting, jumped into the river, had a good bath and drank to his heart’s content. Then an idea arose in Diogene’s mind:”This dog is freer than me, he does not have to carry a begging bowl. And if he can manage, why can’t I manage without a begging bowl? This is my only possession, and I have to keep an eye on it because it can be stolen. Even in the night once or twice I have to feel whether it is still there or gone.” So he threw the begging bowl into the river, bowed down to the dog, thanked him for the great message that he had brought for him from  God.

 Doesn’t it echo the carefree chirping of the birds, free flow of the brook, the gentle breeze–energy flowing in a joyous cosmos? Yes. Everyone of us likes to have such carefree flow in life. Living a life in all its glory and majesty is carefree living. Everyone likes to lead a carefree life. But for most of us carefree living is taking no responsibilities and an escape from the world itself. It is not a true carefree life. You believe in the Divine and His incessant providence at every moment of your life. In other words, it is just learning to cooperate with the inevitable. Carefree does not mean indifference. Every morning the sun and its beams knock at your door and your door is closed. The sun will not force its way in. You allow the sun to come in and that is being carefree. Let us examine for a moment: Are we living life carefree? Are we living in the present moment, spontaneously, or worried about the future…?


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