Kind words can be short and easy to speak,

but their echoes are truely endless

There is an incident regarding Mother Teresa described in B.R. Pai’s Mother of Love. Mother saw a woman lying in the gutter of a Calcutta lane. She was being eaten away by worms, disease-ridden and unconscious. Mother took her to her home for the destitutes, gave her a bath and put her in bed. Afterwards, Mother touched her hand to soothe her. The woman’s face for a few fleeting moments lit up with a serene smile and she said, “Thank you.” And then she died.
“If I were in her position,” concluded Mother Teresa, “I would have said: I’m hungry, I’m sick. I would never have said” Thank you. It is the woman who taught me a lesson of gratitude.
There is more happiness in giving than in receiving (The Bible, Acts of Apostles, 20:35)

As part of their Social Awareness Programme, the college students who were members of the National Service Scheme were taken on a tour of the city’s slums. One of the students was appalled by what he saw: poverty, misery, undernourished children, sick and suffering elders. That night, while saying his prayers, he turned to God in anger and said, “Lord, how can you allow this? Why can’t you do something about it?”

He heard a voice deep within him, God said, “I already did. I created you.”

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