Happiness in Marriage

Happiness is a choice.

When you get up in the morning, you can choose to be happy and enjoy that day, or you can choose to be unhappy and go around with a sour attitude. It’s up to you. If you make the mistake of allowing your circumstances to dictate your happiness, then you risk missing out on God’s abundant life.

Someone has said that marriage is like a zipper. There are two rows of teeth on a zipper. These teeth fit into one another very neatly. But you can never fasten the zipper unless you use the little zip that draws the teeth together and locks them. In marriage it is the same way. Two people may be as close together as the two sides of a zipper, but if they leave God out of their life and marriage, then they are like a zipper without its zip. It just won’t work.

As Bishop Sheen used to say, “it takes three to get married. a man and a woman and God.”

Ask the people who have broken families!

Never lose the opportunity to enjoy the life together


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