The Rich Lady and the Artist

Tact can turn a bad business into a good business.

Once a rich old lady asked a well known artist to paint her portrait. The artist worked hard for many days. When the portrait was ready he invited the lady to his studio.

The old lady came to the studio. She had her pet dog with her. She was very fond of the dog. She believed that it was the cleverest little animal in the world. The lady showed her portraint to the dog.”Look, Tony darling,” she said, “here is your mistress.” But the dog showed no interest.

The wealthy lady turned to the artist and said,”I don’t want this portrait. It does not look like me at all. Even my clever animal cannot recognize me in the portrait. The artist was a man of wordly wisdom. He knew about the strange ways of wealthy people. So he did not argue. He simply said, Madam, please come again tomorrow. I will make the portrait look so real that your Tony will wag its tail and lick it. The next day the lady visited the studio again. The dog wagged its tail and ran to the portrait. It licked it with great interest. The lady said, “How wonderful! How beautiful! My Tony likes the portrait and so I too, like it. Please wrap it up! The artist asked for a big price and she paid it willingly.

The artist had a healthy laugh at her back. He had rubbed the portrait with a juicy piece of meat. Its smell had made the dog lick it!

A good man will receive blessings.
A wicked man’s words hide a violent nature.
Good people will be remembered as a blessing,
but the wicked will soon be forgotton.
(The Bible, Proverb 10:6).


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