Remember the good that God has done for you.

We need to do something. Take time to remember your victories, and celebrate what God has done in your life. Put out some memorial stones. This is one of the best ways to build your faith and keep yourself encouraged. Remember the time that God made a way for you when it looked as if there was no way. Remember when you were so lonely, and God brought somebody special into your life.

Recall how God has healed you or someone you know; think of how He protected you in the storm, guided you, blessed you. If you will get this awareness of God’s goodness down on the inside, you won’t go around thinking, ” Well, I wonder if I’ll ever get out of this mess? I wounder if God is ever going to work in my life.  No, you’ll be saying, “I know if God did it for me once, He’ll do it for me again!”

It would do you good to review God’s goodness to you on a regular basis-simply thinking about the major victories in your life, the unexpected successes, or the time when you knew that God intervened in your circumstances. Remember the day your children were born. Remember how God gave you that job. Remember yourself how you fell in love and got married; thank God for your spouse and your family. Remember what God has done for you.


May Holy Spirit guide you and strengthen you today!




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