God Seeks Sincere Devotees

Never entertain the thought that you are separate from God.

In the Bible, it is said that God seeks His own. Ponder over this. God is everywhere at all times. How God has to seek those who seek Him and struggles to become aware of Him. Whom does God seek? He looks for a sincere, genuine, selfless, steady devotee. Only an ardent devotee can understand and experience the bliss of oneness with God. Sugar tastes bitter for a person suffering from malaria. This defect lies in his tongue, not in the sugar.  So is the case with a  person immersed in worldly desires, as he cannot experience the sweetness of Divinity. A devotee once lamented. “O God! You have forgotten me!” This is never possible’. it is the devotee who forgets that he is the child of God, that God is his never-failing friend and guide.

Today man is in search of God and is enquiring into the nature of Divinity. Man is in search of God without realising that He is all pervasive, and that it is unnecessary to go around the world searching for Him. He need not be sought anywhere, any time. When God is within, where is the need to search for Him? The Lord resides in every human being. He is nearer than one’s closest kith and kin and is dearer than anyone else. He is the sole saviour and refuge of man. Strengthen the feeling that God is in you, with you, above, you, below you and around you. How can you search for God who is all-pervasive? Have the firm conviction: “God is in me, within me, around me, behind me.” When you think on these lines you become Divine. Never entertain the thought that you are separate from God.

Have a Nice Week Ahead!

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