Eyes of faith

Eyes of faith…………

You must look through your “eyes of faith” and start seeing yourself as happy, healthy, and whole. That means even when your situation looks bleak, when you are tempted to be discouraged or depressed, you must encourage yourself by praying, “God, I know that You are in control, and even though this looks impossible, I know today could be the day that things turn around. Today could be the day You restore my marriage. This could be the day You bring my child home. Today may be the day my business begins to prosper exponentially. This could be the day I see my miracles.”

Then keep believing and watching for those good things to come to fruition in your life. You must make a conscious decision, an act of your will, to maintain an attitude of expectancy and keep your mind filled with thoughts of hope.

“What if I do all that and it doesn’t work?” you may be asking.

What if you do that, and it does work? Whom are we kidding here? What do you have to lose by keeping your hopes alive?

I can guarantee you that your difficult situation will never improve as long as you stay in a negative frame of mind. But if you’ll develop an attitude of faith and expect events to change positively, then at the right time, that situation will turn around. Admittedly, sometimes good things don’t happen as quickly as we would like, but instead of slouching into negative expectations, we must keep our minds set on God. Your attitude shoud be, “God, I know that You are at work in my life. Although the miracle I’ve been watching for didn’t happen today, I know I’m one day closer to it! I’m one day closer to my answered prayer, and I’m not going to get upset. I’ll not allow myself to become discouraged. I know that Your timing is perfect, so I’m going to stay in an attitude of faith and keep trusting You to do what is best.”

Joel Osteen


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