How short you have made my life! In your sight my lifetime seems nothing.
Indeed every living man is no more than a puff of wind, no more than a shadow.
All he does is for nothing; he gathers wealth, but doesn’t know who will get it. (The Bible).

Alexander the Great was on his deathbed. He was going to die and he told his court, “When you carry my dead body let both my hands hang out. Don’t cover them. “This was rare–nobody was carried that way. The court could not understand, so they asked, “What do you mean? This is not the usual way. The whole body is hidden.. Why do you want both your hands hanging out?” Alexander replied: “I want the world to know that the great conqueror Alexander is departing with empty hands. Everybody must see it, and nobody should try to be an Alexander again. I have gained much but still gained nothing. I own a great kingdom, but I am still poor.”

The whole universe belongs to God. We are just care takers who are endowed with the privilege of making the best use of all that is there. It is like if you are a guest in someone else’s house you are given all the possible luxuries and facilities that the host has just to use it. And when you return next morning you have to vacate as you entered. This is true with our entry into the world. We are not supposed to grab and hoard material things. Use them for yourself and enjoy and then if it is excess pass on the extras to who do not have them. Thank God for being a privileged person to get all of these things. Have gratitude at every moment of your life. We are supposed to live our lives in renunciation which is not dropping possessions but living a life of non-possessivness or non-ownerhsip. If we have a clear understanding and awareness that ‘nothing I carry when I depart,” it would be the greatest non-opossessiveness one can have in life. Onwnership also kills our freedom. When there is ownership you cannot enter someone’s territory because trespassers will be prosectued. So next time when you are driven  towards materiality go for it with awareness and understanding which will help you to think of those unprivileged around you and distribute the excess amonst them rather than hoarding.

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