Selfish Interests

Selfish Interests……………..

If you haven’t any charity in your heart,
you have the worst kind of heart trouble–Bob Hope

In Living, Loving, and Learning, Leo Buscaglia tells of an interesting sociological experiment with the students of a midwestern university in the US concerning sharing and giving. Students were asked to produce a dime (ten-cent coin) and were given three choices.

In the first instance, they were told there was a plague in India, people were starving and were in great need of help. If they felt like helping, they should put the dime in an envelope and write on it “India.”

The second choice: There is a family in the neighbourhood ghetto that really needs groceries to live now. Those who feel like helping them should put the dime in the envelope and mark it “poor family.”

The third choice: the university was in need of a photocopier so that papers and manuscripts could be copied and made easily accessible to the students. If they wanted to give to this, they should mark their envelope “copier.”

Eighty per cent of that money went to a photocopy machine.

When you reach out to other people in need, God will make sure that your own needs are supplied. If you’re lonely today, don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Go help someone else who is lonely. If you’re down and discouraged, don’t focus on your own need. Get your mind off yourself and go help meet someone else’s need. Go visit the nursing home or a children’s hospital. Call a friend and encourage that person. You need to sow some seed so God can bring you a harvest.

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