Empty yourself so that you can be filled to the brim.

There was a professor who used to learn and teach philosophy. He was an agnostic. Once during a long journey, he happened to hear about a sage. He went to him. He introduced himself. He asked him to know something about life and spirituality.

The sage laughed. He recognized the intention of the professor.

“Please be seated. I will prepare some tea for you. “ saying this he went inside his hut. After sometime, he came outside with a cup of tea. He placed his cup on the table and started filling the cup with the tea he had brought with him. He was observing  the professor. But the professor was looking at the sage.

The cup was filled to the brim and the sage was filling the cup again. After sometime, the professor got irritated and said, “stop, the cup is already filled. And why are you pouring again?”

The sage said, “your mind is also like this cup. It is already filled with your own opinions and guesses. And whatever I say won’t go into it. Only empty cups can be filled.”


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