Interview tips-have you applied for a job elsewhere?

Each interview board is different and unique. Each question would focus on the strategies and personality of the institution or firm or company. If it is asked, “have you applied for a job elsewhere?” the interviewee would be in dilemma, in a vicious circle. It is quite difficult to answer such question. However, just like any other question, this question also must be answered promptly. A good job seeker would definitely apply to different institutions. Therefore, your answer must be “yes”. It’s better not to die. If you say “no” and if it is proved later that you have applied elsewhere, then it is very likely that you would lose both the jobs. Remember that those who take the interview will have all the information about you and if they want they can easily find out whether you have applied elsewhere.

At the same time, never become uneasy when this question is asked to you. It is not good to spend more time answering that question. It is better to say, “I need a job and so I have applied to many institutions”. However, it’s not wise to talk about those institutions and about the job you have applied. Such unnecessary explanation would have negative effects. You need to show keen interest on the job for which you are interviewed. The same enthusiasm must be shown in answering the question above. You must be able to express how much interested you are in the job, and what all things you can do for the institution and the good aspects of the institution etc.

It is stupendous to talk more on any question. Convince them of your abilities. If they are convinced of your capabilities, your job search would end there. An interview board never dares to leave a talented person. Face the question with a smiling face and you would secure the job with a smile.



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