Please Understand misunderstanding…

Once a mother has approached a guru to teach good behaviour to two mischievous brothers. The pious guru thought to mend the children  showing the path of God. He told to send the younger child to his Ashram. When he came, guru asked, “ where is God?” He couldn’t give an answer. He kept mum. Guru raising his voice asked, “Didn’t you hear what I said, you have to answer me.” The child cried aloud and left  the ashram and went home. After reaching home, he went to bath room and closed the door. Seeing this the elder brother opened door and asked, “What happened to you, whatever it is I will solve. The younger brother said crying, “brother, we are in trouble. God is not seen. The guru thinks that we have hidden Him. It seems that he won’t leave us. “ The prejudice that guru would hurt  lead to this misunderstanding.

Next, there is another story of two farmers who lived happily as neighbours for thirty years. Because of some misunderstanding they quarreled and became enemies. They stopped talking each other. There is only a narrow path joining two plots. The younger brother dug a pond and blocked the way. One day, one carpenter came there. He knew that some work would be there. He told that he would do that. He gave some logs and he made a bridge over the pond. And in the evening , returning from the market bothers met each other on the bridge. They crossed the bridge half way and forgetting their enmity they embraced each other. What carpenter meant was to build a bridge that both brothers would cross conveniently.

Many misunderstanding are caused by wrong communication. There is another story of two bosom friends born and brought up in Delhi. One is Chinese. They studied together from childhood. And  they were in their eighties. The Chinese friend was struggling for his life in a hospital having many tubes in his body. The Indian friend came to know about this but didn’t go to see him in the beginning. But after a week, he got a message that his Chinese friend would die in two days.

The sick friend knew that he was going to die. The Indian friend knew that they would become emotional in meeting each other and he went to the bed and looked at him. Chinese friend became emotional telling a sentence in Chinese and died. Noting down the sentence, the Indian friend went to Chinese Embassy and asked the officer the meaning of that. The officer said, your friend said, “my dear friend, you are standing on my oxygen pipe and it is choking. “

See how misunderstanding takes place. Unless we put on the shoes of others, we may not know others. We always think in terms of our views, attitudes and perspectives. Try to see others closely, many misunderstanding would fade away. Don’t be prejudiced and biased. Be open and broad minded.



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