Self Control-a tool for success

It is certain that the one who can’t acquire and practice self-discipline will end up as a failure in life, even if he is the greatest in the society. Not only sacred scriptures and Puranas but the present history also gives us many characters who can justify this fact in life.

At this juncture, I remember two of such people. One is a lady. The obsession for food and the excess diet made her sick. Another young man who was born in an affluent family is struggling for his life now. He was born with a lot of freedom. He had a lot of money. There were no control and guidance of parents. Naturally, he began to lead an undisciplined life. He was addicted to alcohol, gambling and adultery. Eventually, he lost all his money and reached at this pathetic stage.

There is a Biblical figure named Samson. His parents were exemplary. They believed in prayer and took solace in that. They were also hospitable to guests. Thus Samson was born with the grace of God. From his childhood onwards, he led a divine life. He neither used wine nor ate food that was impure. He led an ascetic life, without even shaving his head. It is written about him, “The boy grew, and Yahweh blessed him. And it was God’s spirit that guided his life.”  And it was a matter of divine providence that he began to be led by the Spirit of God. But what happened to him was an example of how divine inspiration and physical power would lead to disaster if there is no self-control and discipline.

When he became an adult, he could do many exciting things with his superhuman powers. It included when he spoiled Fillisters who were enemies of Israelites with about 300 foxes whose tails were lighted with fire and killing 3000 people with a jaw of a donkey. He was different from others due to his superhuman powers. However, any such superhuman powers also must be controlled by the self and discipline. It is dangerous to have such a power in any person or in a country as well.

The meaning of the world Samson is “just like the sun”. But Samson who lived like son as bright and powerful plunged into a life of irresponsibility forgetting his vocation and mission. He was tempted to worldly desires. Thus being mundane, he had a relationship with a prostitute who led him to disaster and self destruction. Losing both eyes, chained and met with a miserable death. Of course, it was glorious beginning but a very dejected end!

It is a brutal felony to spoil our talents and opportunities without self-control and self discipline. The excess desire for food, lust, the excessive longing for entertainment and celebrations, the yearning for gains would become detrimental if they are not controlled. The sportsmen achieve success and gain popularity just because of their disciplined life style and hard work. Those who gained wealth also had a great discipline, alertness, and clarity. Those who attained greatness in spiritual field also were in command of desires, mended their emotions and remained steadfast in their spiritual pursuit.

Therefore, for success in any field, it is necessary to have self control. Today’s youth is in a world to temptations. There is no lack of money. Moreover, there are areas where they can spend this money. They don’t like anybody to have control over them. In olden days, there were good guidance and example of parents were there. All these things are lacking these days. The drinking habit of parents make their children alcoholic. How can those parents who watch pornographic movies after their children sleep, give good advice to their children? It is inevitable to have parents who live and act in self-discipline. The role of spirituality is also vital. Prayer, retreats, participating in gatherings, preaching help us to grow in self-control and self-discipline.




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