Concern for Others………….

How much am I grateful to others and God for whatever fruits I am enjoying? 

It was time for the monsoon rains to begin and a very old man was digging holes in his garden. 
“What are you doing?” his neighbour asked. 
“Planting mango trees,” was the reply.
“Do you expect to eat mangoes from those trees?”
“No, I won’t live long enough for that. But others will. It occurred to me the other day that all my life I have enjoyed mangoes from other people. This is my way of showing them my gratitude.”

Selfless approach to life is the core of concern for others. We are living in a world where we are enjoying the toil of other people. Whatever we see today is the result of someone else’s effort. It is their ego less, selfless service that they have rendered to humanity. Create a concern for others, be involved, and then the ego will disappear on its own accord. And if you can operate or live without ego, whatever you do will be selfless and oriented towards happiness of whole humanity.

Do I have concern for others? How much am I grateful to others and God for whatever fruits I am enjoying? We may ask why should I be concerned about others? The only answer to this is that someone who had the vision and foresight planted the tree and you are here today to eat the fruits. Whatever we see around us is the result of some one’s effort and vision for the future. So we should also extend the courtesy to others who will follow us in this world.

Enjoy the Wonderful Things we have in the World and Be Grateful!

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