Faith does miracles in one’s life.

The faith is simple but the deliverance is great!

Simple faith can give you great deliverance. The disease may be a prolonged one, but the healing can be immediate. Many people are skeptic about the wonder working power of FAITH and think that the healing or deliverance is because of the charisma of the person who is praying for the sick. This is correct to a great extend, but still the very basis criteria is FAITH. The faith of the person who prays and the faith of the person who is prayed for matters much in the healing process. Both should have the faith that God will heal the sick or solve the problem.


A large crowd followed and pressed Jesus, but a woman who was suffering from bleeding for 12 years wanted to touch Jesus with the FAITH that she will get healed. She had spent every thing she had for treatment, but no improvement was noticed. She heard about Jesus and decided to meet him and touch at least his garments by which she can receive healing. As she just touched the cloak of Jesus, her bleeding stopped and healed completely. She got afraid when Jesus asked, “who touched me?”. But Jesus said to her,” Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering” (The Bible, Mark 5:25-34).


Her faith was simple but the deliverance was great. We can also achieve great deliverance by such simple faith. God doesn’t look our capabilities or positions in the society. He counts only the depth of our faith to intervene in our problems.


Whatever be your problem, bring it to Jesus with a simple faith, and experience the great deliverance. Touch his clothes with faith and get the power transferred to your body, the miracle working power of the LORD.


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