The Shy Lover

The Shy Lover…………….

There is a beautiful story by Nil Guillemette, SJ entitled The Shy Lover. Here is a condensed version.

18 year-old Amanda, unusually simple-hearted and deeply religious, decided, in one of her religious moods, to write a letter to God. Taking her best stationery she wrote, “I love you” and addressed the envelope to “Mr. A. God (A for Almighty), Bliss Project, Paradise,” She did not put a return address, in case the letter was returned and people would think her crazy. But she waited for an answer nevertheless. Days, weeks, a whole month passed, but no letter came. She consulted an old priest who amused at her novel way of approaching God, and told her, “Don’t worry, Mandy, God’s answer will come in due time. But you’ll have to be patient. He’s  a shy lover, you know.”

Amanda decided to wait for her lover’s answer, even if it would take years. But despite her resolution she often felt hurt by God’s silence. One day, while sitting near a brook, she thought she heard a voice nearby. Looking around, she saw nobody. She bent over the brook and listened deeply. Then she heard the water say very distinctly, “I love you, too!” God was answering her letter!

After this incident Amanda trained her ear to listen to Nature, and heard the words “I love you too” in the sigh of the breeze, the whisper of the trees, the rustle of the dry leaves, the twittering of the birds. She even found  the sky proclaiming the message in the clouds which formed the letters: I love you, too. In disbelief she murmured, 

“Gosh, Lord, for a shy lover you certainly know how to express yourself.”

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