Come Holy Spirit…..

Come Holy Spirit…………..

Come Holy Spirit and teach us to call upon God with that precious name of “Father” Jesus taught us. If we do not feel his loving presence in our midst, we will be orphaned. Remind us that Jesus alone is the way that leads us to him; that only his life committed to the lowliest reveals to us his true face. Without Jesus we would never comprehend his thirst for peace, justice, and dignity for all his children.

Come Holy Spirit and have us walk in the truth of Jesus. Without your light and inspiration, we will forget time and again his Project of the Kingdom of God. We will live without passion and without hope. We will not know why we follow him or for what. We will not know what we should live or suffer for. And the Kingdom will continue to look for collaborators.

Come Holy Spirit and teach us to proclaim the Good News of Jesus. Let us not load heavy burdens on anyone. Let us not pronounce on problems that do not affect us or condemn those who, above all, need acceptance and understanding. Let us never break a bruised reed  or snuff out a smoldering wick.

Come Holy Spirit t and instill in us the religious experience of Jesus. Let us not waste our lives in trivial pursuits neglecting justice, mercy, and faith.  Let nothing and no one distract us from following him as our only Lord. Let no doctrine, practice, or devotion draw us away from his Gospel.

Come Holy Spirit  and increase our faith so that we experience the power of Jesus in the very midst of our weakness. Teach us to nourish our lives not from human traditions or empty words, but from the interior knowledge of his Person. Let us always be led by his bold and creative Spirit, and not by our instinct for security.

Come Holy Spirit  and transform our hearts; convert us to Jesus. If each of us does not change, nothing will change in the Church. If we all remain captives of inertia, nothing new, nothing good will be born among  his followers. If we do not allow ourselves to be drawn by his creativity, his movement will remain at a standstill.

Come Holy Spirit  and keep us from the risk of forgetting Jesus. Trapped by our fears and uncertainties, we will not be able to hear his voice nor recognize his inspiration. Deepen our commitment, for if we lose our contact with him, anxiety and insecurity will stifle our growth.

Come Holy Spirit, on each of us and on your Church

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