The need of helping others…

Offering One’s Hand…….

To love others makes us happy; to love ourselves, makes us lonely

The Priest at a Mass celebrating the profession of a group of women Religious told the story of some pilgrims who travelled to a distant castle. As they approached it they could see it was surrounded by a high stone wall.
The first pilgrim, inching his way up the wall, finally got to the top. Drawn by the view of a lush garden on the other side of the wall, he jumped to the ground below, forgetting all about his fellow pilgrims waiting on the outside. The second and third pilgrims did exactly the same.
The next pilgrim struggled as hard to reach the top of the wall. He, too, was drawn by the beauty below. But he didn’t jump down into the garden because he realised that if he did, the rest of the pilgrims wouldn’t have anyone to help them scale the wall. So he gave the others a helping hand. Only after all the pilgrims had gone over the wall did he jump down into the garden.
That, the Priest said to the group of nuns, was their vocation–to stay on top of the wall, to help others get over the wall, into the garden.

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