A contented mind is a perpetual feast of happiness….

When you ask, you do not receive it, because your motives are bad; 

you ask for things to use for your own pleasures. 
(The Bible, James 4:3)

As per the teachings of Lord Buddha, desire is the major cause of suffering. This principle seems to be impractical and imprudent in today’s world of cutthroat competitions. it is true that a successful person should have some kind desires in life. Otherwise, life will move like an aimless boat that will end up nowhere. In spite of all these facts, there is something important here. A spirit of contentment and satisfaction will stand one in good stead in times of disgust. The human habit of engaging in limitless pursuit of pleasures can never be justified, because it will do one more harm than good. One should have the desire to earn more money, so that he or she could improve the standards of life. But, when making money becomes the only purpose and all his happiness as well as peace of mind is based just on money, desire does become a problem. So, contentment is being happy with what one has, even when one continues the struggle to reach higher peaks.

Desire kills joy yet the goal of all desires is joy. Whenever happiness has disappeared from your life, look deep within and you will see it is because of desire. Yet all that we desire is happiness. No creature desiring unhappiness is ever born; never has it happened before and never will it happen in the future. When your small mind gets tired of running here and there, of wandering everywhere, it reaches the conclusion, “My desires have killed  my happiness.”


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