Dronacharya, the great master archer, asked his disciples to shoot their arrows at the right eye of the bird sitting on a tree. As the disciples were ready with their bows and arrows, he interrupted them. “Before you shoot, I want to ask a question to each one of you.”

“What are you seeing?” He asked the first one.

He said, “I am seeing everything: the tree, the sky, the mountain, and the birds flying.”

He went ahead asking the same question to the other disciples.

One said, “I can see only the tree on which the bird is sitting.”

His answer was satisfactory, but the other one was even closer.

He said, “I can only see the bird.”

The other said, “I can see both the eyes of the bird.”

Arjuna was the only one who said, “I don’t see anything except the right eye of the bird.”


Human tendency is to get focused on many things at the same time and leave out what is important. Focusing with full alertness is essential for attaining any goal. When thoughts are scattered, alertness disappears. In alertness the inner talk stops, you become silent. Alertness puts you in a prayerful mood. Thoughts stop, in alertness, the mind  disappears; meditation comes into the being. Live each moment as alertly as possible, because only in full alertness masks or false personality can be dropped.


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