Ayurveda Treatment for Breast Cancer

I would like to begin this discussion with a life -story of a woman. She was 58 years when she was diagnosed with an advanced breast cancer affected to two of her breasts. She hailed from Kerala. But then she was in Karnataka. Her husband was frustrated as they were very poor. They didn’t know what to do. Anyhow with the help of some generous neighbours, the old couple managed to go to a government medical college, where those two breasts were removed by surgery. But the condition worsened. And she was nearing death.

At that point of time they heard about an Ayurveda treatment for cancer from a friend.  They were skeptic in the beginning. They didn’t  believe in that as the medicine was so cheap and available. But as the friend persisted they gave it a try. They took the medicine for three months and there was a conspicuous improvement. It’s almost 1o years now and they keep on taking the medicine even today. She is alive and her poor husband died recently and I happened to meet her.

What does it show? People believe blindly the English Medicine and Surgery. They take for granted the Ayurveda. But recently they are aware of the greatness of Ayurveda System. As only herbs are used there are no side effects. In English treatment, one who is affected with cancer needs to have chemo therapy and radiation for some days. These treatments will have life-long disasterous consequences on the body. Therefore, it shortens the life rather than extending it. However, in Ayurveda, the treatment is purely through herbs and it doesn’t have any side effects.

Now I’m going to list out the ingredients of the medicine. This dose is for a month.

alove vera


Ingredients Needed

Pure Honey: I kg.

Aloe Vera Leaves: 2kg

Visky/Brandy/any Liquor: 100ml



Squeeze the aloe Vera leaves to make it liquid or pulp. You can make use of mix y to do it. Then add honey and brandy to it and keep for two days.


One has to take one table spoon of the medicine thrice a day. During those days it is advised to be vegetarian. If you are addicted to non vegetarian food, you can include fish and egg. But for better results avoid non-vegetarian food. Take as long as you are completely cured.

In the life story above, the woman is taking medicine even now because, it was diagnosed at an advanced age. If the cancer is diagnosed early you need to take only for three months or so.

I would welcome all those who are suffering from cancer to try out this medicine. Things are available at your finger tip. And no side effects! So why can’t you use them.

If you have any queries, please do email to me:


And if you find such testimonials please write to me that it may be spread and help many people who are suffering. Help others and you will be helped by god and others.

This medicine also can be used as prevention. if you take for one or two months it would be a great prevention to cancer. So all those who are not suffering from cancer also can make use of it.  I heard that this medicine was discovered by one of the Catholic Priests in Papua Guinea. Give thanks to him. I am not the discoverer of the medicine. But I am only a propagator and well wisher.

alove vera 2

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