Dedicate your whole life to God……………….

Who we are is God’s gift to us, what we make of ourselves is our gift to God. 
What kind of gift are we making of ourselves? –
—St. Augustine.
You should serve society and try to visualise God in creation. No one can live for himself. You are involved with parents, kinsmen, friends, foes, society, countrymen, etc. etc. in ever widening circles.
Your first involvement is with the reality of your own individual self. You must examine yourself to see whether you are living according to a mind free from polluting thoughts and feelings. Is my intellect sharp enough for clear discrimination? This must be your question to yourself.
Your second involvement is with society. Just as you yearn for and work towards securing property, welfare and happiness for yourself, you must also yearn for and work towards securing these very things for the society to which you belong. Without society to guard and guide, the individual is lost, like a drop of oil in an expanse of water. Your welfare is based on the welfare of society. The welfare of a particular society is based on the welfare of the country.
Your third involvement is with Divine Love, as it is the vesture of the cosmos, it is its very nature. When you seek refuge in Divine Love, it sustains and promotes progress. Then, the individual, the society and the world become a sublime Trinity. When you know that the Lord is the cause, the source of all, you deal with everyone in a humble reverent manner. Dedicate your whole life to God and carry on every activity of yours as an offering to Him.

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