Happy Easter!

Wish you all a very Happy Easter. May you all be filled with the joy and

peace of the Risen Lord. If we have the longing, eagerness  and love

to meet the Lord like Mary Magdaline who ran to the tomb we too will

hear Him calling us by our name.  So let us search for the Lord in our

daily lives, as He is so close to us whenever we call Him.


Jesus taught about peace

(Sri Sathya Sai Baba was a great devotee of Jesus and as he passed away this morning,
 I would like to send you all this message taken from his book: 
Be Like Jesus: In the Words of Sri Sathya Sai Baba)
The message of “Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man,” which Jesus Christ proclaimed 2000 years ago, should become a living faith for the achievement of real peace and the unity of mankind. You must practice this attitude in your daily lives. The oneness of all creation affirmed by the ancient seers and sages must be expressed in a transcendental love that embraces all people regardless of creed, community or language.

From the narrow vision of “individual need” you must voyage out into the broad vision of the “universal. “When a drop of water falls into the ocean, it loses its narrow individualities, its name and form, and assumes the form, name and taste of the ocean itself. Each of you must become aware that you are part of the one truth that encompasses everything in the universe. Make your heart big and your mind pure. Then only can peace and prosperity be established on the earth.

Jesus was great because he showed the value of spiritual discipline and the equanimity that can come through it. You cannot sit back, and expect Jesus to bring peace and joy into you. Jesus came to warn, to guide, to awaken, to lay down the path, and shed the light of love on it. But, you have to listen, learn and obey with hope and faith. Spiritual practice is the only means of acquirning mental peace. Peace-lessness is caused by involvement in external experiences ignoring the Self-within. To experience the Self within is peace.

Jesus came to teach mankind the greatness of Divine love. If you do not reap the harvest of love in your heart you are not a true Christian. Love binds one person to another. Love attaches one thing to another. Without love, the universe is naught.  The highest love makes us aware of the Lord in every one, as the Lord is equally present in all. Love can change the heart of even an inveterate enemy.

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