People would never sin if they were aware that each time they sin it is themselves they are damaging. Most people are in too much of a torpor, alas, to have the slightest awareness of what they are doing to themselves.

A drunkard was walking down a street with blisters in both of his ears. A friend asked him what had happened to cause the blisters.
“My wife left her hot iron on, so when the phone rang I picked the iron up by mistake.”
“Yes, but what about the other ear?”
“The damned fool called back!”


A person once asked his friend: “Why are you so glum-faced?” 

“Well,” he confided, “my wife insisted that I stop gambling, smoking, drinking and playing cards. So I did.”

“I understand,” said the other consolingly. “But at least your wife must be very happy.”

“That is the problem. I thought she would be: cried his friend. 

“But now she acts so indifferent towards me–because she has nothing to complain about.” 


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