On marriage

In marriage, being the right person is as important as finding the right person.

The enthusiastic matchmaker assured the client that he had found him a perfect match–a lovely girl who lived down the street.
“Are you by any chance referring to the chemist’s daughter?” enquired the eager bachelor.
“Why, yes, of course. You know her, then?” said the matchmaker.
“Who doesn’t. You must be out of your mind,” cried the exasperated young man. “Why, isn’t she almost blind?”
“True, Does that bother you? It’s a blessing, really. Most of the time she won’t notice what you do.”
“But she also has a stammering problem when she speaks.”
“I know. But that too is a blessing. She will be too diffident to open her mouth, so you can have peace.”
“But she is deaf.”
“Which means you can keep your nerves in control; no streaming or shouting will be necessary.”
“But it’s impossible. Isn’t she at least twenty years older than I am?”
“Come now, my lad,” protested the matchmaker, clearly disappointed. “Here’s a woman with so many gifts, and you have to pick on one little drawback.”

Marriage is to be honoured by all, 
and husbands and wives must be faithful to each other.  
(The Bible, Hebrews 13:4).

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