What I have….

What I gave, I have……………

Charity is a virtue of the heart, and not of the hands

In Westminster Abbey the inscription on the tombstone of Christopher Chapman, bearing the date of 1680, says:

“What I gave, I have.
What I spent, I had.
What I kept, I lost.”

(The Bible, Sirach 29: 8).
Nevertheless, be understanding with those who are poor. Don’t keep them waiting for your generosity. The Lord has commanded us to help the poor; don’t refuse them the help they need. It is better to lose your money by helping a brother or a friend than to lose it by letting it rust away under a rock somewhere. Use your wealth as the Most High has commanded; this will do you more good than keeping your money for yourself. Count among the treasures the fact that you give to the poor. It will save you from all kinds of trouble and will be a better defence against your enemies than the strongest shield or stoutest spear.

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