Robert was a middle aged man who was very lazy. He lived his life on his ancestral fortune without doing any work. He used to go for morning walk every day. One morning he was taking his routine walk. As he was passing by a hut, he overheard a mother waking her son. The Mother was saying, “Son, it is morning. It is time to get up. It is no longer night.”

Robert heard these words. Wow. It was just a mother waking her son.”Get up. It is enough! you have slept long.” Robert must have been in a receptive state of mind and those words struck hard, like arrows,  they pierced his heart.

He went home rejuvenated, filled with energy and for the first time in his life a thought arose–of doing something for the poor street children. And that was the birth of a new life for Robert. He began devoting his whole energy, time and resources for the upliftment of the street children. He later become a great missionary who offered a promising life to a number of street children who would have been nobody without him.

And whenever Robert would pass the hut of that mother he would go and bow in front of the hut. “That was his temple and that woman was his master. He had never seen the woman, and the woman was just an ordinary woman.

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